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Clover Clover

Dubious integrity 4 stars
I spend 25 of my computing time in Windows Explorer (WE). I've been using Clover 3.4.5 for years now, with concerns; however, it is a wonderful program, one of the first I install (and QTTab has not been updated since 2013?). During the install, which is in Chinese, I uncheck everything that is checkable, in the hope that it prevents adware installs. Right. Still, it seems to install OK. In the latest version, 3.5.4, VirusTotal has 36 hits on it (out of 72 engines). Kaspersky, what I use, does not (as of 4-18-20) -- but it does earlier versions, as adware. Anyway, Clover is a functional program, and MS apparently does not intend to add tabs and bookmarks to WE. So for me, in KIS I simply prevent Clover EJIE etc. from making external network connections, which I hope is safety enough. My first go-to software site is SnapFiles. But I don't know if they actually verify that the files they post are safe. Here, take your chances on very useful piece of software. Price: Free
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MuseTips Free MP3 Ringtone Maker MuseTips Free MP3 Ringtone Maker

Simple, portable, no ads, but lacks function 3 stars
I would rarely dismiss anyone who provides portable, adware-free software. I would not do so here. This works well, as far as it works. I first tried to make a ringtone using Audacity -- there is a tutorial that talks you through it -- but it was a bit tedious. (Audacity is powerful!) So I figured I'd try this. It works very well, and quickly, no fuss. The problem is that -- in my test -- if you are trimming some longer piece, it provides no clue what the original clip sounds like, where you are in the tune, just a long bar of the total length, and you pick the starting and ending times. I sort of knew them from Audacity, and used those. The result was pretty good, and a smaller size than Audacity's. So if you know what you are working with, it's very useful. But you have to know what you are working with beforehand. So maybe use Audacity to trim it first, then convert it with this. Price: Free
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ArsClip ArsClip

Indespensible 5 stars
ArsClip remedies one of Microsoft's many glaring usability oversights. Windows' "Clipboard" - a great idea! -- temporarily copies text or graphics from... just about any Windows program, to temporary storage, to then be used (pasted) into another program. It's the essence and power of running multiple programs. Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, Ctrl-X, all left-handed operations. Unfortunately, MS designed it such that only one item was retained in the Clipboard : the next copy overwrites the first. ArsClip deftly eliminates that shortcoming. Without going into detail, ArsClip permits multiple clips to be retained and reused, either in multiple lists (defined by the user) or permanently as re-accessible clips. All are easily accessed. Resources minimal. If you know what I mean by the Clipboard, ArsClip is one of the best clipboard utilities. If you don't know, heaven help you. Thanks, JoeJoe, for your software and continuing improvements! Price: Free
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