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Q-Dir Q-Dir

No comparison 5 stars
I've used a lot of different file managers in my time but I've always came back to this one still to this day. It does lots more than i need it for, but always does what I need it to do. The only problem that i cant figure out for the life of me is i myself mostly use the dual pane view, but the right pane does not keep memory of how i have items sorted. I always sort alphabetical a-z. Try it for a awhile and see if its just me or if its actually a issue. Ive learned to get used to it and just hit the sort button on a daily basis, still a awesome manager! Price: Free
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TidyTabs TidyTabs

Essential 5 stars
I use this every single day. It saves me from disarray from having lots of windows open. I bought this sometime back but its never failed me or crashed on me. No lags, no page flickering ect. I recommend this gem, its a workhorse that needs to breaks. My only request is to have the option to make the tabs WIDER. I misclick a lot due to my eyesight not so well. Worth every penny! thanks. Price: Free
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SideSlide SideSlide

Very helpful 4 stars
This app is a time saver indeed and im leaning towards this over Biniware run. I'm not very tech savvy and i ran into a confusing snag with this app. Biniware lets me add ANY app including installed apps from microsoft store,but SideSlide does not let me add ANY apps from MS Store. So until the limitation is addressed i can't fully use this the way I'd like to. Price: Free
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HDCleaner HDCleaner

Its....ok 3 stars
It does do good cleaning where it needs to but for the love of god this thing takes way too long for the program to open which is unacceptable for my standards. Not sure how fast it open on the devs machine but on mine it takes up to 2 mins. I cant use this being i dont know what its doing while taking that long to load. I have to pass this one by sadly. Price: Free
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