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Avant Browser Avant Browser

Keep your eye on this one. 4 stars
I loved that the GUI did not immediately scream "Windows". It's a beautiful layout and easily personalized. The problem I'm having is compatibility with sites we use at home. Sometimes it partially loads pages and sometimes not at all, but it almost never fails to get a prompt to upgrade to a supported browser at least once around the web. I would say that lack of compatibility is the only reason I won't stick with it. But, all is not lost. Smart people made this thing and it's no doubt that it is on the rise, so smart people will fix it. One day it will be a fine player in the game. Price: Free
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Comodo Dragon Comodo Dragon

Thought i had found it! 2 stars
Looked really nice to start with. Its similarities to earlier versions of Firefox were comfortable and encouraging. Then the fight started. I had abandoned Firefox due to bloated operation and crashes, and it didn't take very long to figure out that this browser shared some of the same health problems. Certain popular web pages were extremely slow and non-responsive. Resource use was up in the 60 range for even the simplest pages. I got better use of it after disabling most of the realtime and general anti-virus protection features of the Comodo security program, but if you have to go around commando just to get pages to load it doesn't seem very helpful. Nice try, but still looking for an answer. Price: Free
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Firefox Browser Firefox Browser

Good, but with exceptions. literally. 3 stars
Once upon a time, google was simple, fast, and excellent. Now it is huge and invasive. Firefox seems to have followed the same path. As always since I first started using it, Firefox has had excellent design and interface. The problem has come since the early 30s versions and the browser getting more and more bloated. Resource use in this last build is astounding, and I'd love to send the plugin container to another planet, set fire to it and bury its ashes. Constant "breakpoint" errors leading to crashes prompted repeated clean installations trying to gain stability to no avail. Getting a system crash and good ole blue screen was the final straw. Haven't seen that since Bugle was a pup and have no desire to deal with it for the sake of just trying to look at the internet. It may work for others but for now I've had my fill. The search continues. Price: Free
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