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iPhotoDraw iPhotoDraw

Look no further... excellent software. 5 stars
I've used a few tools to write on pictures but this has to be the easiest and most complete software I have encountered. You can do so much and the results are just excellent. Price: Free
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In My Diary In My Diary

Exactly what i needed... 4 stars
This software is what I was looking for. It has everything I need... diary, notes, calendar, password manager, contacts and all in a simple light and portable app. It's very easy to use as well. This has been a very well thought-out tool and must have taken a while to develop. Price: Free
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SpyDetect Free SpyDetect Free

Easy... fast... effective... free... 4 stars
This app is small, fast, effective, no need to install and nothing is written to the registry and FREE. It does what it's meant to and in a very fast and effective fashion. No gimmicks or any setting-up is needed. Just run it and it will reveal if you are being spied on. Give it a try... enjoy. Price: Free
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Lightshot Lightshot

Very easy to use and fast.... 5 stars
I've used a few screen capture tools and this happens to be my go-to favorite. It's fast.... very easy with no learning curve... has the features I need... and it FREE. Features include edit what you want to write on screen shot, full window or chose what you want to capture, arrows, line, highlight, marker and color scheme which is all I need to get the job done. Can't get any easier than that. Highly recommended... enjoy... Price: Free
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Wise Folder Hider Wise Folder Hider

Very easy and efficient..... 5 stars
This software is very easy. Installation is fast and no hidden adware. Hide what ever you want and it will be secure with a password you assign. Wise has other good tools that you can also check out and most are completely FREE... enjoy Price: Free
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BitDefender Free Edition BitDefender Free Edition

None is better than bitdefender... 4 stars
Bitdefender is a Free version of the award winning antivirus BD. It is extremely easy to use as well as installation is quite fast. This is a 'set it and forget it' antivirus for there is no configuring. Automatic up-dates... scheduled scans... excellent malware detection and it always rated in the top 3... access to up-date logs & threat logs... non intrusive... low on resources and it's FREE. What else would you want? Maybe for those who want to configure settings or whatever this is not for you but for the rest this is an excellent choice. Enjoy... Price: Free
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RocketCake RocketCake

piece of cake with rocketcake... 4 stars
I've never in my sane mind ever thought of building a website. It's just to complicated. All this knowledge about coding and HTML and who knows what else is just not in my league. But with RocketCake it's a breeze for no need of any know-how is needed what so ever. Just pick-out a template and start typing... drop your pictures... add YouTube videos and you name it and it can be done. And when you're finished you can keep you new website on your computer or publish it when you like. It's that simple and FREE so give it a try... I will. Enjoy Price: Free
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Zemana AntiLogger Free Zemana AntiLogger Free

Works and free... 4 stars
This little app is good to have on board. It's additional protection and you won't even notice it's on your PC. This is a one time "install & done" software for there is nothing to do afterwards unless you want to shut-it-off for there is no configuration what so ever. So if you want to protect yourself from keyloggers this a a good alternative to have and it's FREE... enjoy Price: Free
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DuckCapture DuckCapture

Has everything needed, simple & fast... 5 stars
After reading a review right here I decided to give it a try and this will be my go to 'screen-capture-tool' from now on. It might not have all the bells and whistles like others but has just what I need with no complicated instructions or issues. It's just perfect and it's Free. Give it a try... enjoy Price: Free
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LastPass LastPass

The best... period 5 stars
This has to be the best and easiest PW Manager ever. You will only need to remember 1 password and that's it. LastPass has many features and options and all are simple to set-up. You'll love it's Auto Login feature and Auto Fill Forms as well. It's a very well thought out software. I've been using it for over 3 yrs and yet to have any issues. Give it a try... enjoy Price: Free
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Macrium Reflect (Free Edition) Macrium Reflect (Free Edition)

Excellent and free.... anything else? 5 stars
I was surprised when I discovered this software. It's does just about everything you would want for a back-up and it's really quite simple to set up. Automatic back-ups is a plus. And to think that it's FREE and is outrageous..... Give it a try. You won't regret it. Enjoy... Price: Free
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Avira Free Antivirus Avira Free Antivirus

As good as any paid antivirus... 4 stars
I've used a few antivirus. Bitdefender, Avast, Norton and Panda and now using Avira Free latest version I have been using Avira for the last year and haven't had any issues. Installation is quite fast, easy and simple. You can just install and forget it or you can configure at your own liking. Automatic updates, real-time protection, scheduled quick-scan, rescue CD download, uses your wins firewall and Android mobile protection if needed. It does have a few pop-up adds but you can easily remove it by uninstalling, from windows programs, the software that is labeled only AVIRA. The other will be AVIRA ANTIVIRUS and you should not touch it. After removal you are done with pop-ups. Take into consideration that all free or paid antivirus have pros and cons, they aren't perfect. In my opinion, Avira provides effective protection and it's FREE..... Price: Free
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