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KeePass Password Safe KeePass Password Safe

Best used with encrypted file systems 5 stars
I should note this password manager is cross-platform. To me, that's a must. That's convenient, I am not bound to single OS type and don't have to sync many password managers. From my practice, I recommend keeping its database file and key(s) on different (and preferably encrypted) file systems. That will give extra amount of security. Program has good enough paranoid settings to avoid leaking passwords just by silly mistake. Just don't forget to keep backups of your password database and keys. It's interface to browsers isn't always very convenient, but well, it's free software anyway. Price: Free
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VeraCrypt VeraCrypt

Good heir of truecrypt 5 stars
Those having used Truecrypt should try this piece of software. It's based upon Truecrypt code, looks like it and works similarly. I have noticed relatively long pause when mounting devices; if the storage with encrypted volume is slow, the delay can be quite unpleasant. However, I found it works at least as quickly as its predecessor and has lesser security issues. My only advice is to avoid using the same Truecrypt volume with Veracrypt. Instead, create new volume and copy data to it, due to known security problems. So far, my experience with Veracrypt is very good. I only had hard time decrypting my operating system to re-encrypt it with Veracrypt, system seemed to slow down considerably when being encrypted. Apart from that, good tool. Price: Free
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IPHost Network Monitor IPHost Network Monitor

Allows mostly unattended use 4 stars
Our specifics require monitoring a lot of Web apps. I have tried several monitoring tools, none of them do what we need out of the box, so some scripting is always required. IPHost is good in terms of cost-performance. I occasionally contacted its support, so can't rate it. Software wasn't hard to understand anyway. Currently it mostly runs unattended, requires little or no maintenance. Only when we had OS crashes, there were minor problems with most software installed, including this one. I would rate it higher if it had interface in my native language. Perhaps it will. Apart from that, it works well. Price: Free Trial ($199.00)
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