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Opera Mail Opera Mail

Robust, quality feel, free, a welcome relief. 5 stars
Ok. I'm not a huge email client guy. I do know that I hate OUTLOOK though. I've used WINDOWS LIVE MAIL, POPPEEPER, and eM CLIENT. Pop peeper was cheap and easy, but too antiquated. Live mail felt too bulky. eM client turned out to be a 1 month trial. :- Didn't carte for the THUNDERBIRD interface. So....OPERA.....freaking incredible. Light weight, doesn't feel bulky, you CAN add your own email notification .wav file (I like that), and it handles ALL the major email services (gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc..) It's a very professional, streamlined GUI interface too. Hmmmm.....not much else to's free, it works incredibly well, and I can tell you for sure that it beats the 'crap' out of a lot of these other clients out there. If you're going strictly by user's feedback responses to try and find an email client that does not suck, then you can rest assured that this is the one......stop looking. However, I'm not running a business with this client so I'm not sure how it will hold up in a business setting?? Seems like it's up to any task. :-) I freakin love it, and it's F R E E! Judging by OPERA MAIL, I kind of wonder if their browser is the same quality experience, but I love my FIREFOX w add-ons (and sometimes CHROME), so I'm not even going to try. :-) Happy receiving and drafting emails without worry! :-D Price: Free
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A great quick solution for system information 5 stars
I've used SANDRA, SIW, and others to view system information for my PCs. If I re-format my system hard drives sometimes I forget the model # of a graphics card or can't remember the chipset type. For these simple tasks this particular software is awesome at! A really great feature is that it's portable; a bit like team viewer which will ask you at its start-up if you'd like to just run it one time or install it. This software does SOOOOOOO much more! When I need fast sys info with little to NO footprint and installation, this is my new GO TO APP. It looks like the company updates this program regularly too. The company's website looks pretty organized as well. Again, incredible piece of freeware, and SNAPFILES.COM is the best freeware repository on the net! ;-) Price: Free
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