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SoftPerfect Network Scanner SoftPerfect Network Scanner

The only network scanner that you'll need 4 stars
This is an excellent program that scans not only WiFi but all your Ethernet connections. It's fairly simple for beginners but has a ton of features for more savvy users. It's portable so you can scan anywhere with no need to install just by clicking the .exe file. It's fast and accurate and has no bugs. There are many paid programs that only scan WiFi and this one, being free, is the best network scanner there is. Price: Free Trial ($29.00)
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Mixxx Mixxx

Excellent dj freeware 5 stars
Mixxx is a complete free alternative to paid DJ software that works even better than some of the commercial programs. It's strongest competitor is the Virtual DJ Free Home Edition but Mixxx has all the features enabled and Virtual DJ doesn't (such as looping and fully editable effects not to mention MIDI and transport control). You can also record your own mixes to MP3 or WAV so as to edit later on a dedicated sound editor such as Audacity or Wavosaur or even add tracks to your favorite Audio Sequencer software. Mixxx is also available in the Linux flavor. I've been using it on both platforms and strongly recommend it as a freeware that doesn't skip on professional features. The interface has been revamped and now looks as cool as the commercial programs. Price: Free
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Fractal Zoomer Fractal Zoomer

Good fractal generator in portable format 5 stars
This one made me re-install Java on my Windows 7 again because i really like Fractals and read the review, saw the amazing screenshots and decided that it was well worth installing Java. I play with fractals since 1987 on my Atari STE computer and it had a program very similar to this one except it was way slower rendering (CPU 8 Mhz!!!) and had not this many mathematical functions. The options to save to jpeg or other formats make this an amazing creative tool. It's an excellent program and i will keep Java to use Fractal Zoomer because I love it's simplicity and available mathematical depth. Price: Free
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Process Explorer Process Explorer

It really shows you what's happening 5 stars
This small software is absolutely brilliant! Other reviewers already said more than enough about it's features but here's an example: One would think that McAfee Stinger is portable and it only scans your system when you need it but Process Explorer found out this is not true! McAfee installs 2 drivers in WindowsSystem32drivers and they stay there... The problem is that McAfee also installs there an executable service (.exe file) that runs all the time... Process Explorer was able to detect this and now i've wiped McAfee from my system starting in Safe Mode and deleting all McAfee drivers, services and files (Will not use Stinger again! There's Kaspersky or Emsisoft scanners) The main thing is that many programs can be running and eating up your resources and Process Explorer can track these down for you! A winner! Price: Free
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Freemake Music Box Freemake Music Box

It simply won't do what it says! 1 stars
To start with there's the install: offers 3rd party software which you can decline but mainly it's really messy and takes far more than needed. Not a good start! Then the performance: I wasn't able to listen or watch ANY video or audio of my selections... The program just freezed trying to play and then it would go on to the next video without telling you nothing! Then it would freeze again not just trying to play but also in overall functions. It doesn't work at all and that's it! Then if you think you can download you can't... Also the uninstall also freezed (even with an external uninstaller) I had to terminate it's process with task manager and then scan for leftovers which were many! I don't even understand why this software was written at all... You have MP3 Jam or LastFM both of which will download your choices and WILL WORK properly! Price: Free
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Online Armor Free Online Armor Free

Excellent free firewall 5 stars
This is good software that happens to be free. It is very light on System resources (exactly 7 MB ram and 3 cpu peaks only) It blocks keyloggers and always warns you if software tries to do something suspicious but you only get alerts if you install new software and the vast majority of software is automatically allowed (because they're trusted vendors) so you don't get annoying pop-ups! Now to answer some other reviewers criticisms: "my computer takes longer to boot" Well then you have a lower spec processor/ram! Online Armor 6 Free updates itself every boot or every 6-8 hours If this is a bad thing you don't want to be protected! "the site matou sec..." This site doesn't even rate Emsisoft's product despite it's free! Suspiciously the site rates Comodo's products above EVERY other including Bitdefender and Kaspersky PAID solutions which means I never gonna believe in their reviews!... I used ZoneAlarm Free but after seeing that it never updated (even manually!!!) and gave the same number of blocked IP packages every day realized that this information was totally bogus and I don't like to be deceived by a security product! I recommend this firewall after testing ALL free firewalls! This one was the winner. Price: Free
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Advanced Uninstaller PRO Advanced Uninstaller PRO

It's the only uninstaller I use! 5 stars
This is excellent software! Even though it's free it will remove most of the traces left in the registry and other folders/files left back from the uninstalled software with the added bonus of telling you that: "2 files or folders couldn't be removed" so that you can go to Program Files/Data and App Data and remove them manually! I've tried it's major competitor, which has a free version but this version always told me that it was done with no leftovers and this was not true since Uninstaller Pro managed to find those missed files! This said if you work with Notebook resolutions of 1200x600 or less (CRT) the interface won't work on your screen size... Bummer! Price: Free
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Free Music and Video Downloader Free Music and Video Downloader

The right way to expand your mp3 collection! 4 stars
This is a great software that allowed me to complete my MP3 must-have collection for free and legally (It downloads from major online radios & YouTube)! I was impressed when it managed to find a very rare Archie Shepp recording that i wanted for 10 years! Also it's a single executable file so no install needed! This said remember this is not Google so make sure you type in the artist's (will show everything it has from that artist) or the artist/song name like this: name - song (with the - between) so that the program will give you less irrelevant results. This latest version has enhanced searching capabilities which make it even more useful! Love music? You'll love this software and will use it forever! Price: Free
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PrivaZer PrivaZer

Efficient drive cleaner 5 stars
PrivaZer went through my 100 Gb of hard drive occupation finding a surprising amount of old internet traces & junk although I clean at the end of every session with CCleaner, Wise and even once a week with Auslogics Boost Speed and Ashampoo WinOptimizer 10. Heck it found traces from last year! And registry entries of long gone software... Well to analise and clean it took 37 minutes (A tip: Set it to Max priority (Boost) and do something else off the computer. It will work super-fast) In those 37 minutes i was watching Hannibal on TV... Well it's an amazing software and it's in my computer to stay! Price: Free
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UNetbootin UNetbootin

The best usb bootable drive maker 5 stars
I've tried 2 other programs before UNetbootin (Iso to Usb and Linux Live creator) but the first didn't have the features i needed and Linux Live creator failed in concluding the process getting stuck at the "define persistence memory" step so don't waste your time... I used UNetbootin to create 3 different Linux distros bootable USB's and it performed without errors, freezes or crashes (even on older systems) but it can be used to create a Windows recovery USB bootable drive or a utility bootable USB (with Anti-Virus repair and more Windows tools to repair your installation).Just in case you don't have a CD/DVD drive (like NetUltrabooks) and if you're new to this task you'll find that UNetbootin is really user-friendly! Use it once, and you'll use it forever! Price: Free
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oCam oCam

Excellent program for video-tutorials! 4 stars
This one is a winner! Even if you're not used to do your Educational or YouTube tutorials you can use oCam and start right away! Clean and simple interface will help you and even if all you want is to record a video message for your family it does that too with simplicity... The feature of pre-defining the recording time is also very useful when you're working on a limited time usage Also the codec download for those who don't install Shark or K-Lite packs but need a codec, the software can download it for you! I'm impressed! Sure there's a lot of other options out there but this one is built on user-friendly use and that is a very good thing! Price: Free
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Pale Moon Pale Moon

It's really faster than Firefox! 5 stars
If you don't believe it's faster than FF then give it a try! I've noted a substantial difference in speed, especially when using low processor Notebooks which many of my friends have... It's fully compatible with all extensions and themes from FF and was updated yesterday so it gets frequent updates too Has an amazing support & Forum buit on a strong community I use it for a month now and won't go back to FF at all! A winner! Price: Free
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Google Earth Google Earth

Too heavy for some processors! 3 stars
Google Earth is no doubt the king when you want information on our Globla Earth... It even has the added customized maps of a country to enhance information that you're looking for! (One of the examples is North Korea where it will show missile sites launch details which were contributed by independent Photographers and People that just take the time to provide this kind of info! This is downloaded into GEarth as an added map option and what a great feature it is!) However if you have a Notebook with no dual or quad-core capabilities or older processors Google Earth isn't gonna work as fast as you'd think... Takes a long time to use it and it's always freezing! And that's frustrating! Even on a dual-core Intel processor with 4 Gb memory Google Earth wasn't that good at the performance level... Bummer! Google should make a "Lite" version with fewer map "show tourism & whatever" options A way to get around this heavy resource consumption is to download the Google Earth plug-in for your browser! It's a winner but should have a light version! Price: Free
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