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SynWrite SynWrite

A tad faster than Notepad++ 5 stars
As the title says... Notepad++ is a very neat tool and this one I think is equally powerful but a tad bit faster. With over 10K plus lines to handle, dual-paned (not side-by-side) it does not lag so much like n++ that sometimes crashes down after being unresponsive for some seconds. So I switched. Price: Free
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Startup Delayer Startup Delayer

Should be part of Windows 5 stars
One of the biggest frustration of Windows users is the agony brought by slow boot times of their rigs. Not only it does make an impression that your computer is slow no matter how powerful your rig is, but it also get in to your nerves specially at times when you get passed a dozen of sigh until welcome logo appears. OEMs already make their own moves and provide delaying solutions for third party services and apps. Lucky for those with windows 8 box shipped just last year so they would enjoy fast boot times than us who are pretty stuck to Windows 7 box that was just bought a year before. Fortunately, startup delayer does what its title says and does it pretty well. I honestly didn't find out that it is only the free edition that I'm using because of it's premium like functions. Real thanks to the developers who stay with us and were not carried away by Windows 8 craze! Price: Free
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Coolbarz Coolbarz

Little dock that can go all over your place! 5 stars
After I came back frustrated that i can't get my old laptop upgraded to windows 8 to experience it's live tile feature, i stumbled across this little program. to be honest, i felt a little pang of disappointment with its screen preview as I've mistakenly confused it with (cough)RocketDock (cough). To my surprise, it only weighs no more than 200KB and i said there's no way it could be! Maybe just a theme or what? then I downloaded it and to my amazement, it runs on its own. Played around a little bit though it took me some time before I can get the snappy fading animation and now it was set to run on my 3 corners. I left windows 7 taskbar at the bottom so i can see my tray clock, volume and other important stuff. Agree with the guy before me, would be more helpful if it can support drag and drop and I can't wait to see that Price: Free
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SnapPea SnapPea

Neat and smart! 4 stars
I had serious nightmares from my previous Android pc suites luckily,SnapPea snaps on it! PROS: the basic functions (or at least what i thought) included out of the box like: data backup/restore, app install/uninstall/move, untethered file management; app management over wifi (supports install/uninstall but needs phone confirmation); market accessible within the suite; in-built search bar; automatic data backup; batch move; export apps to pc; readily sorted downloadedsystem apps; neat & smart looking ui. CONS: sidebar on app panel: should be activated through a toggle so the space it is taking up can be used by "version" column. yes, "uninstall" button is already atop, including "move" and "location" so why not put in version column as well?; lack of "current" version detection; does not auto-refresh app list after installation; no available internal SD space usage within app panel (to avoid switching back n forth to welcome/apps panel); no option to leave app data upon uninstallation (useful for trying out launchers and not losing settings) & no option to backup app data somewhere (dont know if it's generally possible); some issues related to wireless file management. This really is a must-have and I'm looking forward to final version of this suite. Hope it does not get bloated. If lacking features I outlined were implemented, will mark it a solid five! Two thumbs and toes up for the developers! Price: Free
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Opera Opera

A home brewed browser 5 stars
Just like a home brewed coffee I always have beside me while strolling 'round the net, Opera always bring a nostalgic phenomena that I seem to never get from other browsers at par with it. I stayed long with GC and MFF for the longest time I can remember, even had fun tweaking them to best fit my flavor and played around with their huge db of extensions but whenever I get updates for O, it never failed convincing me to get back (as opera seldom releases stable build so I stayed to giants for quite some time). Despite of it being low on market share, I'm actually impressed by how the company stay put all throughout, staying cool while all the others rushing to get things done. Proud to say it pioneered a lot of innovations, and compiled it to a very tiny size; always aim minimalistic at its bet, not compromising the overall performance; utilizes power and memory efficiently giving us a fluid browsing experience and best of all, (at least for me :D ) the way its smooth scrolling ease in throughout the pages that NEVER tires my eyes. (Those who uses Opera knows what smooth scrolling is, I bet). I mean, not being biased here but I think this is one of the most important things a feature-packed web browser should put a great effort to as this has a huge impact on over-all browsing experience, imho. Thumbs down to web developers who are lazy enough to implement web standards and exclude opera. Price: Free
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Process Lasso Process Lasso

More than just a task manager 5 stars
This tool is not for an average pc user, seriously. It has a lot of advance features at one's disposal that can potentially cause instability of the entire system if never taken into account. However, due to what I previously said I say, is what made me use this obviously innovative software. I like how windows handles and enforces its own rules yes, but I like it even MORE when I can be the one in control of how the running applications would behave among the others. Of course familiarity with your system setup is a must so when defining set of rules, it won't inversely affect all the others but you can just leave it running as it is if you prefer to, besides, the gui itself will tell you how every running applications behave in general, and that would give you a hint as to what to do next if for some reason, you are not satisfied by the performance of the application you are running (especially resource intensive ones like games and multimedia). I just wondered why in the world the previous version (5.0 I think), has the option to classify multimedia process while the latest one doesn't have any but game process or do I miss something? Price: Free Trial ($32.95)
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CintaNotes CintaNotes

Note your life with ease 5 stars
Going paperless nowadays is becoming more and more difficult when rough drafts are scattered like littered paper on my desktop screen. I am really stressed with the idea that I have to sort out my own garbage just so to find what I need to get back to...much like what I am towards my tangible documents until I found Cintanotes. I just so love the tagging feature sorted out alphabetically right on its sidebar that I only need to tag my note at least "a" word that would best describe it so I could easily get back to it at later time. With its in-built database search, so long with windows' recent files and folders and whole index search only to find a piece of scratch I almost forget but urgently need. It was even made simpler with its clip and tag function with just a key-combi. This not only saves me a few more mouse clicks but also a lot of time and frustration specially when things are getting urgent and oh! I can also bring it in my flashdisk too! Really great piece of software. I just hope that it could somehow support cloud sync but the basic feature is really enough for me. Hands up to developers. :) Price: Free
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TinyWall TinyWall

Clean and straightforward 5 stars
This security add-on is a must have for solid windows 7 users who get used to managing programs through windows' advance firewall settings. I've been a windows 7 user since it's beta launch and I find it a bit time-consuming configuringbacking-uprestoring firewall setting with its default firewall manager but with TinyWall, managing programs' interaction through LAN and the internet feels like a breeze. I know that this program is still at its beta stage but the 2.0 release is a huge leap from previous one which i am subscribed of. Given the fact that it is just months old, it's not surprising that it is being featured and downloaded so many times due to its fancy interface that does not intimidate even an average pc user and at the same time, lets you configure firewall settings more comprehensively. There are of course minor features that it lacks like batch clean up of invalid path entries and wider database of non-malicious programs on its auto-detect mode but I'm positive that it will be pointed as well to be added to next major releases to which everyone anticipates, me included. I would also like the innovative approach of the author by automatically blocking the programs accessing the internet and at the same time giving us the auto-learn mode and the "3" white listing options to give permissions to every programs we'd like excempted. Thanks to the author and those who are actively participating in developing this tiny yet powerful program. More power! Price: Free
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