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EaseUS Todo Backup Free EaseUS Todo Backup Free

Excellent backup software 4 stars
I started using backup software from Power Quest Drive Image to Norton Ghost to Acronis True Image up to 2012. They all get the job done, with a cost. EaseUS Todo Backup FREE is totally free software that backup your OS, data, drives, partitions & disks. It supports FULL and INCREMENTAL backup. Incremental backup is backup that's different since last backup while differential is the difference since last FULL backup. It will also preserve a copy of your older backup for you up to the specified period (days, weeks, months & years) or the last X backups. It also includes a scheduler to allow the program to run at specified date & time, multiple daily and weekly schedules. You may also schedule it once at specified time later. To save the space used, it can also compress the backup images - 4 levels - none, normal, medium & high. It's not the full fledged monstrous product. BUT it provides all the necessary tools to perform backup effectively. It also has a few extras: disk cloning and data wiping. It can also create a bootable CD USB image to be used during emergency situation. Hopefully no one ever needs it. It can also mount an image as a regular drive. There are two things I wish they would include in the next version - run a missed scheduled backup & validate backup images automatically after creation - I might be wrong that it might already perform validation. All in all, it's a great backup package that does everything a user needs. Price: Free
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HandBrake HandBrake

Wow - I am impressed 5 stars
I tried to convert a RM video (Real Media) to MPEG format that understands & supported by most players. I used VLC (the latest) both x86 and x64 on Windows 7 64bit machine. With VLC, it takes a very long time to convert. For a 54 minutes .rm file (Real Video 4.0 (RV40) resolution: 720x528, frame rate: 1000, cook audio 22050 HZ, mono, 32 bits per sample as reported by VLC), VLC used about 3050 minutes to convert - too long. With VLC, the resulting files are very often having troubles played by other player including VLC - what?! - yeah, VLC can't play the file it converted properly. It's probably user error in the end. VLC's options are extensive and complicated. With Handbrake, it was done in under 4 minutes on a Q6600 oc to 3.2G with 8G DDR2! WOW - I am impressed. Plus, the result file can be played by VLC, Media Plaer Classic & Media Player Classic Homecinema (both x86 & x64) and most importantly - Windows Media Player. The selection are very simple and straight forward. When I use multiple players (Windows Media Player, VLC (x86 & x64), Media Class (x86 & x64), Media Class Homecinema (x86 & x64), Nero Kwik Media) to play the same file, all players play them properly. Amazing!! I am in love with Handbrake. ;) Price: Free
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SmartPower SmartPower

Simple & effective! 5 stars
This app is very simple and effective. It's filled with features that I have yet to explore all. The app supports Hibernation, Suspend and Shutdown. For my purpose, I want to send the computer into hibernation mode to save electricity charges on peak hours. I tested for a short period (5 minutes hibernation) and it sent the computer into hibernation mode and wake up at specified schedule. All my work remains open and well! The default setting has everything (tab) off, except the "Schedules" and "Users" tab. My computers are running Folding Home 247. Sometimes a user is not sitting in front of the computer. The "Users" tab has the check mark "Stay on when there are active users" checked. For my purpose, I have to uncheck it. There is also a grace timer default at 5 minutes which is nice when the scheduled time has arrived and the user system is busy, you don't want to shutdown the computer abruptly. For my 10 minutes experience with this program and for my purpose, I would say SmartPower a very nice thought out and executed program. It has many more features waiting to be explored. Highly recommended! Price: Free
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