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MailStore Home MailStore Home

I don't know how I ever lived without it! 5 stars
At first, I tried to use Thunderbird to back up my Gmail account. Boy, was that the wrong move. It downloaded everything ok, but I could only read my archived mail within the T-Bird program. And, it didn't retain my original Gmail folders, so my mail is all mixed in. I sure wish I would have found MailStore sooner. Not only can I back up webmail accounts with ease, but I also extracted my emails from T-Bird and exported them to my cloud storage account, which is what I wanted to do in the beginning. With MailStore, there's almost no learning curve either. It's so intuitive, even I figured it out. If you have a bunch of emails you'd like to keep, download MailStore and make your life easier! Price: Free
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Opera Opera

Use an open-source browser instead 1 stars
Opera used to be a decent browser. Now, it frequently won't connect to certain websites, even though the settings show it should. Meanwhile, it connects to other websites just fine. I've uninstalled and re-installed this browser many times trying to fix this issue, but to no avail. The list of features, help section and forums are very weak as well. You can't even import bookmarks. Ugh. I've given up on Opera. Price: Free
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Cloudfogger Cloudfogger

A must-have program for the privacy conscious 5 stars
Cloudfogger does exactly what it says--it encrypts your files before uploading them to cloud sites like Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive. The program automatically detects which cloud programs you have installed on your computer and adapts to them seamlessly (AFAIK it works with all the major companies and most minor ones). When you log in to your OneDrive, Google Drive, etc., there is a .cfog extension after every file that Cloudfogger encrypted, so you know they're secure. Decrypting is very easy as well. Just download the file, right click and select 'Defog'. That's it. With everyone spying on everyone else these days, Cloudfogger is a must! Price: Free
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Vector Clocks Vector Clocks

Nice program 4 stars
Super easy to use, and a wide variety of clock designs. The only thing missing in my opinion would be clocks with alarms. Otherwise, great program! Price: Free
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My IPs My IPs

Does exactly what it says 5 stars
No frills, just a good, simple program that shows who is connected to your network. It's exactly what I was looking for. Price: Free
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