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Trellix Stinger (McAfee Stinger) Trellix Stinger (McAfee Stinger)

Good for specific malware 4 stars
Stinger may provide help, getting rid of specific malware. And the specific malware threats are listed. But beware. Setting the "GTI" sensitivity to high or very high will lead to a lot of false positives (malware you won't see on the threat list). If you set the sensitivity to high or very high, MAKE SURE stinger is set to "report" (not "remove" or "repair"). Being a novice, I reloaded my OS on the first false positive. After a series of false positives, I decided to do a little research on how the program works and no longer use highvery high sensitivity scans. Price: Free
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KeyScrambler Personal KeyScrambler Personal

Extra layer of protection 5 stars
Easy to use. Install and it does it's job adding an extra layer of security to your web browser. Previous review states that it doesn't work with Pale Moon. No longer true. I use Pale Moon and Keyscrambler installs and works without any problems. Price: Free
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Toolwiz Time Freeze Toolwiz Time Freeze

Simple and effective 5 stars
Couple of clicks and your computer is protected from malware, spyware, etc. Also has a file locker to protect selected files and folders from any changes. I've never been a big fan of anti-virus programs (avast, mse, norton, etc.) and have quit using them altogether. I still use malwarebytes and superantispyware in demand modes only. But no longer bother with programs that have 100+meg of virus definitions and have to be constantly updated. Not overly concerned because I reload my OS once a month, but using Time Freeze gives me extra confidence that I can live without any of the large anti-virus programs that bog my old computers down. Price: Free
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SageThumbs SageThumbs

No mouseover 1 stars
This would be a great progam if you could view thumbnails on mouseover. Unfortunately, you have to right click and select in context menu. Very tiresome. Much easier to use your thumbnail view in explorer, or your default image viewer. Not totally worthless, as it has the ability to convert to different image formats. Otherwise, not worth downloading and installing Price: Free
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ClamWin ClamWin

Overrated - painfully slow 1 stars
No quick scan And the full scan takes many hours. Scanning speed isn't everything, but there is no real-time protection and I doubt many users will make much use of a program that takes so long to do a scan. I can reload my operating system and virtually eliminate any chance of having any viruses on my computer ..And do it in less time than it would take to do a scan with Clamwin. I would recommend any of the more popular free anti-virus programs over Clamwin. (Including the programs with no real-time protection). You're more likely to actually use them if they have faster scans. Price: Free
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Vallen Jpegger Vallen Jpegger

Flexible simple viewer 5 stars
My favorite viewer for many years. Simple straight foward viewer. Easy to switch between directory treefile lists and thumbnails. Easy to switch between thumbnails and preview image. Unlike other popular viewer/editors, Vallen Jpegger is not cluttered with too many options. Easy double click for full screen and back, Slideshow, and one click to your favorite external editor. I use Jpegger in conjunction with Photoscape. Great combo. No updates for 2 or 3 years. Fine with me, as it would just become cluttered like Xnview or FastStone viewer/editors. Price: Free
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Opera Opera

Unbelievable speed with Opera turbo 5 stars
If you have a slow connection (56k to 256k), especially Dial-up, Opera is the ONLY CHOICE. Picture 500x375 pixels on Firefox is 51.1k. The same picture viewed on Opera with Turbo enabled, is 11k and downloads in about 14 to 15 the time. Clicking between Firefox and Opera browsers there is no difference in the quality of the pictures downloaded. ....How is this possible? Not a big issue now that most people are on high speed broadband (unlimited), but if you are on a slower connection, Opera is the only way to go. Price: Free
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Firefox Browser Firefox Browser

Solid stable with great add-ons 5 stars
Love all the add-ons. It's why Firefox is my #1 choice. Don't understand all the complaints about the constant updates and new versions. I turn off automatic updates in the options and normally use Firefox for years before I download a new version. I don't care if Mozilla updates and create new versions every day. It's nothing to me. None of them are mandatory. I see version 17.0 is available. I'm still using version 9.01. Version 17.0 looks stripped down (like Chrome) I don't believe I'll be updating anytime soon. Price: Free
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Microsoft Security Essentials Microsoft Security Essentials

Small download - highly rated 5 stars
Don't know how MSE stays so small. Less than 11MB program download. Currently the total size of virus and spyware definitions is 66MB. Total: 77MB for program and definitions, and MSE rates as well as the most bloated antivirus programs for detection and removal of virusesspyware. Avast 95MB+ 72MB definitions (Total: 167MB). I've used MSE and Avast extensively. Minor problems with Avast. MSE has been foolproof. The only negative with MSE is the slow "full scan" (40 min on my current PC setup). Price: Free
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Panda Free Antivirus Panda Free Antivirus

Excellent protection without the updates 5 stars
Panda rates at 98+ for virus detection rates (same as avast). And well above Microsofts 93 detection rate. No virus definitions to update/download. I love it. Have used both avast and MSE for years (both excellent). Downloaded Panda and decided cloud protection is the way to go. Price: Free
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Shape Collage Shape Collage

Overpriced at 40 1 stars
Watermark web address is fine in the lower corners, but after a few uses it starts putting the watermark DEAD CENTER making the program somewhat useless. 40 dollars to remove the watermark and that's for "private" use. Editor: We were able to confirm this after 7 uses - a rather sneaky approach on parts of the developer. We have changed the license to Free Trial Price: Free Trial ($40.00)
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