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BirdFont BirdFont

Early stage of development 1 stars
As BirdFont is still under development, users should keep in mind its low version number, so using it in my opinion basically means beta-testing. I tried versions 0.35, .36, and .37. None of them was able to cover my expectations in terms of making a useable font. My intention was to modify an existing font I had made myself before, having used several different programs. 0.35 and .36 did build my modifications into a new font, but under Win7pro this new font didn't show proper preface in Word or Wordpad nor show within text. Instead Arial was used. In LibreOffice, however, it worked as expected. 0.37 suddenly claims my font is not under SIL Open Font License and refuses building. Since program's documentation still is very basic, there's no chance to find out how to modify licensing information within the font, leaving BirdFont behind useless for me. Price: Free
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DreamMail DreamMail

Brilliant, but... 5 stars
This program cannot handle special characters such as German 'umlauts' neither in e-mail subject nor in e-mail texts, even if the latter are composed in HTML. Leaves it practically useless in German speaking countries. Price: Free
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