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SearchMyFiles SearchMyFiles

Excellent search portable freeware 5 stars
This is how you can achieve being able to navigate to a folder, and let NirSoft SearchMyFiles search that particular folder. It is faster and much better than Windows search. You simply go into main menu, click on Options. Click to enable "Explorer Context Menu". That is it. The next time you are in Windows Explorer or Total Commander; place your cursor on any folder, then simply right click on mouse and choose SearchMyFiles from CVontext Menu. Nirsoft SearchMyFiles will open with that folder already input into the "Base Folders" of the Search Options window. You can input whatever search criteria you wish. The two window pane system is in fact superior. It lets you control search criteria in window 1 and the search results in the other window 2. You can press F9 to open any search result file; or choose in Options to Open File On Double Click. The software remembers your last Base folder and the next time you run the software, it defaults to your last used base folder. If you have many base folders; it remembers them too. Just select from a scroll list. Overall an excellent search software. Portable and FREE. Price: Free
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FlashBack Express FlashBack Express

Very powerful + free 5 stars
The free version first records the video. The rendering process is very fast, a few seconds. After that the player screen opens. Please remember that what you captured has NOT yet been saved. Do not exit at this point or else all the recording is lost. You can save the file as an FBR format. (there is no other choice) You can specify the output folder. But it does not seem to remember your preferred output folder. Yet to see if that can be overcome. If you want to view the video in other players, then you need to "Export" the captured video to WMV. In the Free version, there is only 1 choice. Only WMV. If you want to export to other formats within this software, you need to pay to get the Pro version. But no issue, since most of us have got numerous video converters by other software developers. Just export to WMV. The wmv file plays back very well in Windows Media Player 9. After the export, your video capture is safe, and you can exit the software. This software allows a lot of choices in resolutions of video capture. The default is 650 x 480. You can customise the hot keys. I changed the Record to F8, Stop to F9 and Pause to F10. You can specify region capture and the outline is in red. There is a countdown of 3-2-1 seconds before capture starts. Price: Free
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CDBurnerXP CDBurnerXP

Excellent user interface - burns dvds well 5 stars
I have used this to burn many data DVDs. Never failed. Easy to use. No need to read manual. Like the icon commands to open and close CD disk tray. Price: Free
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Extremely good 5 stars
Have been using Version 7-3-393 as my standard PDF creator. It is my default printer. Better than BullZip. Price: Free
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Reor Reor

Missing +- operator 2 stars
An important calculator key is missing. The key to switch the plus or minus of the number. Price: Free
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MP3jam MP3jam

It is not free but is excellent in search 5 stars
This software is excellent. However it is not free. The software is clear in telling you that you have to pay after 30 free downloads. The Snapfiles review said that upon clicking the Upgrade button, a serial key is shown and you do not have to pay at all. That is no longer true. I tried the Upgrade button and it leads you to a website where you can pay via PayPal. MP3Jam is superb at hunting and identifying songs. It is fast and comprehensive. It supports Unicode. That means you can easily search for foreign language songs with good results. Even if you don't pay to upgrade, you can use the results to search separately in Google for the URL to effect the download outside of MP3Jam. Editor: We have update our review to reflect the changes. Price: Free Trial ($9.95)
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Movie Scanner Movie Scanner

For all practical purposes, this is portable 5 stars
For practical purposes, this software is portable. Easy to use, Good User interface. Allows for single file or whole folder to be scanned. Tells you the audio codec as well as video codec. Number of spaces for the Fields too little. For example, the full name of PCM SL16E cannot fit into field. The window is resizeable which is good. It will store the video+audio codec database of your scanned movies Price: Free
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Ashampoo ClipFinder HD Ashampoo ClipFinder HD

Easy to use and rapid search 4 stars
Excellent user interface. Can handle Unicode song titles. Searches very fast. Can preview and hear any song by mousing over the thumbnail of result found. If you like it, just right click to play or to download. Can convert on the fly to audio format of your choice. Price: Free
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