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Google Chrome Google Chrome

Not a bad secondary browser 4 stars
Google Chrome is a REALLY good browser. It doesn't have everything I need, but it had enough that I survived for the day. There were a few addons I wish it had, as well as an account manager, an easier way to manage bookmarks and history, and the themes really sucked, to be honest. However, it was a good alternate browser for me, unfortunately until those things are fixed (and assuming Firefox gets worse with each update), I'll be sticking to Firefox. Speed: 9/10. Most of the time it was wonderfully fast. However, once in a while a tab would take a few extra seconds to load. Performance: 9/10. Most of the time it kept up to its promises. However, once it had frozen on me, and me thinking that I could just switch tabs, attempted to. It didn't freeze as in the window turned light (what it does on Vista7), but it took several seconds before it responded. Customizability: 7/10. Mostly impressed. Could use a few addons, plus the themes mostly sucked, but all in all I was impressed. Comfort: 8/10. Very comfortable to use, however it just lacked enough features that Firefox had, that I wasn't completely comfortable with it. Overall: 8/10. Google Chrome has improved since last year (with the few million version updates every month I SWEAR!!!). It has almost everything I need, and if I absolutely HAD to, I could use it instead of Firefox. However, as I said a few times now, it lacked enough stuff (Features, addons, themes mostly) that I will rate it 8/10. Price: Free
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Apple Safari Apple Safari

Apple Safari is meh 2 stars
Speed: 6/10. Windows or Mac shouldn't matter. But it seemed to, as Safari, while not as sluggishly slow as Internet Explorer, still seemed to take it's time to load many websites. Even Google, at times. Performance: 6/10. The main problems were the 'thinking' before loading websites, tabs or history. It seemed to get a bit slower with the more tabs I added. It's like Firefox, where the tab processes are all bundled up into one process. Which is bad, if a tab freezes. Customizability: 2/10. No themes that I know of. The addons seemed to have some potential, but there weren't many for Windows, and it didn't let me install any, anyway. Plus it's stuff like adblocker and mail checker, which should be standard features in my opinion. Comfort: 3/10. Not that comfortable. It had a problem with speed, with general browsing at times, etc. Overall: 3/10. Apple's default browser for the Mac may be fine on a Mac. But on Windows, it really was one of the worst browsing experiences I've had so far. It is only a bit better than Internet Explorer, mostly because it was able to load up websites and has an okay default theme. However, it crashed three times, took up over 800 mb of memory, and in general didn't seem to work well on my computer. Maybe someday Safari will improve, but until that happens, I'm afraid I'll have to rate Safari 3/10. Price: Free
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Opera Opera

Opera browser is a seconary choice 4 stars
Speed: 8/10. Opera has a thing with taking a max of a second to "decide" to load websites, however it was still faster than other browsers such as Safari. Performance: 9/10. No crashing, no freezing (actually, there might have been once or twice, but it was probably on my end, and wasn't significant enough or else I would have remembered it). The addons seemed to work, the animations on the tabs and other elements of the browser were fairly smooth. Overall nice performance. Customizability: 8/10. Opera came with a default theme that came in several colors. I liked a few of them. And even better, it came with themes that did things from changing some of the icons and transparent backgrounds, to revamping the entire UI. I was fairly impressed with the themes and addons. However, I noticed there weren't any themes that were more background image based, such as Personas with FireFox. However, you get what you get. Comfort: 7/10. The main things that made me uncomfortable, per say, was the speed of the websites loading as well as the bookmarks. I mentioned the speed a few times, but the bookmarks is still a bit of an issue. It's hard to enjoy being comfortable to know you can access any bookmark in your bookmark bar when it's not there in the first place. Overall: 8/10. Opera, overall, is a great browser. However, despite these few flaws, I found it a very interesting and fun browser to work with. I will definitely add this browser to my list of ones to use as backup. Price: Free
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