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Interactive Calendar Interactive Calendar

Wallpaper changer is useless. 1 stars
Whenever I tried to set a picture directory, the software just stopped responding. Looks good for a calendar, but they integrate a wallpaper feature with it, but you can only use one wallpaper since the changer does not work. I have been using John's Background Switcher and was kind of glad this software had a background switching feature, but it just doesn't work. Uninstalled. Price: Free
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LicenseCrawler LicenseCrawler

Nag, nag, nag 1 stars
Lengthy,annoying nag screen at each use advertising other developer's products. Not all that intuitive to operate. Interface is very poor and looks like it's held over from the XP days. There are other key finders that are easier to use and free without all the nagging. Price: Free
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Any Video Converter Free Any Video Converter Free

Don't they know what free means? 1 stars
You get 3 minutes free, and to get the rest of the video, you have to buy the software. That's NOT FREE. And even the 3 minutes I got was not as good as the conversion I got with Handbrake. It might have to do with an update you get prompted for when you start the program for the first time. I installed the update, so I suggest that if you're going to use this software, don't install an update if it asks you if you want to install it. Price: Free
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Synchredible Synchredible

Too much nagging 3 stars
It's a good program for doing synchs and backups with a pretty interface, but there is way too much nagging to get you to buy the program. There are other programs that work just as well but without the aesthetics or the nags. I prefer to go with something that's functional and doesn't hound me to buy the program. Price: Free
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FreeFileSync FreeFileSync

Great for online storage 5 stars
I normally use SyncBack to mirror my files between USB drives, external hard drives, and backup computers, but it doesn't work with Google Drive, and I have been looking for something to do that with. This software performs flawlessly. It's a bit tricky to set the mirroring up, but once that's done, it's a breeze doing online backups. Way better than Google's own backup/synchronization software and much easier to use. Thanks to the publisher for the software. Price: Free
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MediaCoder Portable MediaCoder Portable

Works well for me 5 stars
I just needed a software to extract audio (MP3) from video files, and this did the trick. I converted several files from video to audio with no problems. I downloaded the install version from the publisher's website rather than use the standalone version in the ZIP file. There were no nag screens or prompts to buy the program, nor were there any offers to install any third party software during installation. The only complaint I have is that when adding video files to convert, you have to add each one individually rather than using ALT + A to add a batch of files; once added in a batch, the conversion was effected on all of the ones added. Price: Free
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LetsView LetsView

Pretty cool software 5 stars
I am not a big cell phone user but decided to try this software anyway. I'm not sure if you can access your computer if you're not within your system's wifi range, but it would be nice if you could. The only thing it seems to be missing is to minimize or close it to the system tray. It remains in your taskbar if you minimize it and closes altogether if you click on the X to close the program Price: Free
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Has gotten much, much better 5 stars
I gave a negative review of this software about 4 years ago, but after giving it another shot about 8 months ago, I was impressed with the upgrades and increased quality of the player. I now use it as my main music player. There are a wealth of skins created by the online community that can be used with the software that should meet anyone's taste. Price: Free
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KeeWeb KeeWeb

Annoyed 1 stars
I tried for hours to import passwords from kbdx and xml files generated by both LastPass and KeePass with no luck. There is no menu system where you can go to look for ways to import passwords from similar software, nor is a help file or website where you can go to get help. The interface is very nice, but an interface without functionality is just plain useless. It's very frustrating. I'll go with another software that's easier to use and supplies a way to solve problems either by website, menu system, or help file. -- Editor: There is no need to import the KeePass file, simply use the OPEN option to open the kdbx file with KeeWeb. Price: Free
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iCopy iCopy

Wireless? 3 stars
Would not detect my wireless Canon MG2922 printer/scanner. I would not recommend software if your printer is wireless. Price: Free
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Pixia 64bit Pixia 64bit

Virus 1 stars
Blocked and quarantined by AVAST so it didn't damage my computer. Price: Free
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RollBack Rx Home RollBack Rx Home

Drastically increases startup time 3 stars
I had to uninstall this software because the startup time had increased dramatically even without the software creating a backup on startup; it's even slower when it creates a backup. I guess if you're willing to make that sacrifice to be able to restore your computer if need be, then I would recommend this software; the features offered are more than adequate. I never get viruses or malicious malware where I would need something like this. In addition, I also use an OS backup software (Macrium Reflect or Aomei Backupper) to store images of the OS partition where I can do a backup at my convenience in the Windows environment rather than on startup. Price: Free
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Mouse Without Borders Mouse Without Borders

Replaces a kvm switch? well, not really 1 stars
This software claims to be a software replacement for a KVM switch, but that's not really the case. The K in KVM stands for KEYBOARD, the V stands for VIDEO,, and the M stands for MOUSE. Mouse Without Borders allows for the use of one keyboard and one mouse to be used with more than one computer, but it does not allow for one monitor to be used with more than one computer. Each computer that is controlled with this software must have it's own monitor, and the person controlling it must be able to see the monitor of the controlled computer or the software is useless. This software performs the K & M functions of a KVM switch, but it does not control the V function; for that to be true, they need to figure out how to switch a single monitor to the desktop of computers that are controlled by the software. I would not recommend it to replace a KVM switch if that's your intention for using this software because you're still going to need monitors for the computers you want to control. Price: Free
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Windows Media Creation Tool Windows Media Creation Tool

Not impressed really 4 stars
I tried installing Windows 10 on several computers. They had either AMD graphics or Nvidia graphics. The AMD machines went smoothly, but none of the Nvidia machines would take Windows 10. One Nvidia machine installed the OS, but the available resolutions were unacceptable. When I checked what display driver was installed on this machine, it said "Microsoft Basic Display Driver," and I knew this was going to be a problem. I tried to find graphics driver updates at both the Microsoft website and the Nvidia website with no success. Luckily, there is a way in Control Panel of Windows 10 to revert back to Windows 7, and I did exercise that option at that time. If you have an AMD graphics processor, you will have no problems during installation. Nvidia, forget it until they write proper drivers for them. Intel I have no experience with, but it's likely MS wrote adequate drivers for their graphics processors too. The interface is not real impressive, and MS still maintains their obsession with shoving these apps in our face, but now on the start menu, when most of us would rather do without them. I will keep Windows 10 only because it's a newer OS and because MS gives it to us free, but IMO, it's not really an improvement over windows 7. It's more of a combination of Windows 7 and Windows 8 that goes to the old, familiar Windows 7 desktop while putting the metro apps on the start menu, making it look a bit gaudy. Price: Free
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Advanced Uninstaller PRO Advanced Uninstaller PRO

Settings don't work 2 stars
I use Iobit and Revo but decided to give this uninstaller a try to see if it was any better than those two. I installed the Advanced Uninstaller software, but before I could use it to uninstall anything, a problem related to the software developed. Upon every starting of the computer, Advanced Uninstaller did a scan of several areas, and I got a popup telling me that the scan had detected things that needed to be rectified. Since I really wasn't interested in this feature of the software, I went to the setting to see if I could keep it from doing the scan at startup. There is a box there that be unchecked to keep Advanced Uninstaller from starting with Windows, so I unchecked it and saved the settings. The next day, I again got the popup, and when I checked the setting to keep it from starting with Windows, it was checked, so I unchecked it again and saved the settings. To make a long story short, this happened for the next several days, so I just uninstalled the uninstaller. Price: Free
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Remote Utilities Free Remote Utilities Free

Good software 5 stars
I've used this for several years along with similar software. Remote Utilities is very reliable, easy to use and very stable and was my preferred method of connecting to other computers. Price: Free
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JavaRa JavaRa

Caution 1 stars
I performed the operations this software provides, and after restarting my computer the next day, I started my Lime client, and the computer could not find basic java dll's to start Java, nor could I update Java through the Control Panel applet. It looks like this software deletes files Java requires for even the latest update to run and update. Luckily, I was able to download the offline version of Java and restore the current installation. I had to use the offline version because when I tried to use the online version, it would not download the required installation package once the online installation was started. Price: Free
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AV Audio Editor AV Audio Editor

No volume control in free version 1 stars
I only use an audio editor for cutting audio tracks and raising the volume of parts that are too low. In order to do something as commonplace as raising the volume of a track with this software, you have to purchase the plus version. I'll stick with Audacity; it has the simple features I need and it's free. Price: Free
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Macrium Reflect (Free Edition) Macrium Reflect (Free Edition)

Passed with flying colors 5 stars
Like some of the other folks who frequent Snapfiles, I also have used Acronis (10 & 11) for a long time. I started looking for something new since Acronis 1011 do not support Win 8, and the newer versions I wasn't comfortable with in that regard. After reading some of the reviews for this software, I decided to give it a try. The first test occurred tonight when someone's computer I installed it on couldn't get past WINDOWS STARTUP REPAIR. I loaded up the Macrium WinPE recovery disk,and rescued the computer with a recent backup. The only real difference, besides the price of course, between Macrium and Acronis is that Acronis has a startup recovery manager while Macrium does not. I found that the Macrium recovery disk provided a more than adequate environment to perform the task required and was actually much better than Acronis's startup recovery manager. Price: Free
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uTorrent uTorrent

Not your father's utorrent 1 stars
This used to be a good program before Bit Torrent bought them out. Since then it has gone way downhill and has become nothing more than a Bit Torrent clone; it's more bloated and buggier than the old uTorrent client. It's bearable on Windows 7, but really bites on XP. I have an older computer that I use to share torrents that has XP, and I use version 2.21 on that, but even that is still a bit inconsistent and buggy. If you're still using XP, it's best to go with their pre-buyout version, 2.12. At one point, I was sent a survey question through the program interface that asked me what I would do if they discontinued uTorrent. I told them that I would use something else or switch to an earlier version, which I had already done on my other computer. So, since uTorrent is really no different than their Bit Torrent client, and the fact that they are asking such a question seems to indicate that they will eventually drop uTorrent rather than return it to its roots. Price: Free
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Clover Clover

Works great 4 stars
I had installed a previous version of Clover that caused Explorer to crash whenever I exited the program. After contacting the authors and advising them of this, they corrected the problem, and this version works works very well; no more crashes. I was using QTTabBar previous to Clover and decided to try Clover because it is much better looking. Clover's bookmark bar is also a crucial feature in prompting me to make the switch. The only thing lacking in Clover is the ability to middle-click on a folder and have it open in a new tab; middle-clicks work only on the bookmarks bar. In order to open a folder in a new tab, one must right-click on the folder and click on OPEN IN NEW WINDOW. It would be nice if future versions of Clover incorporated the ability to open a folder in a new tab by middle clicking on it. Price: Free
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Coolbarz Coolbarz

Very good app launcher 5 stars
I used to have a similar program called H-Menu. The developer stopped updating it a long time ago, and it really only worked well with Win 98. I have been looking for a decent launcher to replace it but have been unable to find one that worked as well with new versions of Windows. This program is just about the same but is much less complicated, is much easier to use and configure, and uses much less resources than H-Menu did. It's ideal for accessing programs that are not frequently used and, therefore, are not readily available on the Windows start menu; it saves one from having to search through the programs portion of the Windows start menu for those infrequently used programs. Price: Free
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Supremo Supremo

The Supremo service does not work 2 stars
This software just does not work as advertised. The service does not work, so if you want to use it to control another computer, you won't be able to do it. I installed the service, set a password, and tried to connect to the remote computer, and I kept getting an error message saying that the password was not recognized.It gives you an option to have no password, but it cannot be used if the service is installed, and if you try to connect without the service installed, you still have to enter the password that is given when allowing remote connections, so this begs the question, "Why give a no password option if it can never be exercised?" I moved the program to a different folder and then tried to install the service and got an error telling me that no service file could be found. The only time this program works reliably is if you use it as a standalone program without the service installed. This requires someone to be at the remote computer to start the program to allow access and provide the password generated each time by the program when it is started. In such instances, it works fine. I tried multiple versions of this program multiple times to try to get it to work right, but it just does not. Price: Free
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Bolide Slideshow Creator Bolide Slideshow Creator

Excellent software 5 stars
I have been using Bolide to create immaculate slideshows with the mkv extension in hi-def for about a month. Tried using other slideshow creators for a long time, but none would do the trick. The only down side is that there are not a lot of transitions included with the program. If you're making a movie and want that kind of thing, you'd do better using some other program, but if you want to make great hi def slideshows out of your pics, this program is the one to use, which is what it is advertised as. Price: Free
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Firefox Browser Firefox Browser

Beware the update 4 stars
I have been using Firefox since 0.4 came out; on this computer, I have several versions since about 1.5. When I did the update to 4.0 through the Firefox interface and tried to start the browser it crashed most of the time. If it didn't crash upon starting, it crashed every time I tried to access the options popup. I did a complete uninstall of Firefox using Revo Uninstaller advanced mode and then installed 4.0; this corrected the problem. Hardly any of my extensions or themes were compatible with 4.0, so I have to do a complete reworking of that aspect of 4.0 from scratch anyway. If you're going to use 4.0 and have installed previous versions of the program, you might want to do the complete uninstall before installing 4.0. Upload your bookmarks to Xmarks and export your speed dial settings so you can easily retrieve them after installing 4.0; if you do these things, it's most of the battle in getting your Firefox back to the way you like it. Price: Free
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