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Ultimate Settings Panel Ultimate Settings Panel

It has limited functionality 1 stars
It is really not freeware if it has limited functionality and people really need to learn this. If the software does not have 100 functionality from the get go and you must PURCHASE a pro version to get that 100 functionality then it is considered shareware. It really peeves me when something is advertised as FREE only to download it and over half the functions do not work unless you purchase it. As far as I am concerned, what you get without purchasing the pro version it's totally useless. Price: Free
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64bit Checker 64bit Checker

I mean really?! 1 stars
Can someone please tell me who would need this? If one does not know how to check and see whether they are running a 32 or 64 bit system by right clicking "My Computer" and selecting "Properties" where it will stare you right in the face, then I guess they should take some computer classes. For what this software does it should already be known by the even the most computer novice. I cannot believe that some one actually wasted their time to code this , there are so much more important projects to be worked on. Price: Free
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Folderico Folderico

Not recommended 2 stars
I have used this before and tired quickly of it because of its limitations. Upon removal of it it will leave "colored folders" behind that I am still dealing with. Price: Free
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Granola Granola

Not what it's cracked up to be 2 stars
I have used this sometime ago and it's really not what it's cracked up to be. It's actually more trouble than it's worth and does very minimal on power savings. Price: Free
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