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Earth Alerts Earth Alerts

Installed just prior to Japan earthquake 5 stars
I have always had local weather applications run in my systray. I got tired of what I already knew, and wanted to see what is not reported on the news. When the big one hit Japan, and tsunami warnings issued for the Pacific basin, EarthAlerts carried all of these alerts. You can set the program to monitor what happens in any area of your interest, not exclusive to the US. I have found the application a great addition to monitoring more than just severe weather. Fire weather dangers, seismic activity that never makes the news, volcanic activity, landslides, hurricanes, cyclones, etc. I have found the programmer to be friendly and responds to e-mails, and he appreciates the feedback. If you are looking for more than the normal weather application, this 5 star application introduces you to more of the global activities not making the news. With EarthAlerts, I was aware that Honshu and most of Japan had experienced a record number of aftershocks 24 hours before it became headlines. Price: Free
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I have used ICQ almost exclusively 5 stars
I was one of the lucky ones. A friend I know had access to Windows 3.1 and we both got ICQ and a dial-up account. He had his dial-up long before I did. With each release, ICQ integrated a new feature. Where ICQ left its roots was when you were no longer able to download the full IM client. I believe this began around v 4. Anyways, I still have my six digit number from my original sign-up. I have refused to go to version 7.2. If you look around, you can still find v6.5 and ignore the prompts to update. Enjoy ICQ!! I remember when RiverBend(?) had the software pack unpack. If you only need a light weight client and are not video heavy, ICQ saves precious RAM and CPU use by not needing much. Price: Free
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FileZilla Server FileZilla Server

Simple and fast 5 stars
I was using another freeware application, when it said I had used my trial period. So I came back to Snapfiles and found this little gem. I set this up on a Win 7 64 bit machine and was downloading to a Win98 machine I use for lightweight services. Before, I had slow transfers on my LAN, usually around 700kb to 1300kb. With Filezilla, I immediately was transferring at well over 2Mpbs. I am glad that the old software said my trial period was up, or I would have not tried the FileZilla Server. I am security conscious and once I got my firewall settings right, I was amazed at the transfer speed. Price: Free
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Pidgin Pidgin

It works well 4 stars
I use Pidgin to chat on a secure xmpp network. It is the most robust integrated chat application I have found. I have been on the net using chat services since 1996. Two thumbs up! Price: Free
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