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DesktopOK DesktopOK

Exactly right... 5 stars
Every other reviewer is exactly right. Excellent software, performs flawlessly. Price: Free
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DriveLetterView DriveLetterView

It freezes 2 stars
It installs ok. Slow to load but when it refreshes it freezes (W764). Thought it may be an easier alternative to the Right Click - Manage option but alas, it is not. Price: Free
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ReNamer Lite ReNamer Lite

Very cool 5 stars
It does what it says and does it very well. Takes a small learning curve to understand the filters but you can solve them with some trial and error. For example, if you have "IMG0345.jpg" and you want to rename it "Vacation 2010.jpg" you must do it step-wise. If you first use the filter to strip the numbers from the old name, the "2010" will not appear in the new name. BUT, it allows you to do a trial run via right click on any single entry. It also shows you the result of your filter applications before you hit "Go" - exactly how it will look with warnings if you are creating a mess. You can get it right without any guesswork. Very helpful and very easy. Also, the tutorial is first-class! Much better than trial by error software/freeware with no tutorial. Price: Free
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Nemo Documents Nemo Documents

It really is very good 5 stars
I do some consulting for a firm and my work involves reviewing complex technical documents. In the course of any day, I may see the same base document 2 or 3 times. While renaming each version with the specific datetime, I find that it can be confusing which document I last reviewed or which document I used in comparison. This software makes that easy. The docs are listed by day and sequentially within each day. They will then open directly from the Nemo menu. I only use it for a single folder so I do not know how it works volume-wide. I have two "cons": (1) you must re-index the selected folder to update it, and (2) it will not default to the current date but you need to "move the arrow" to the current week. There may be ways to overcome these small issues (auto re-index or set to current date), but I have not found them. Overall, very good software and definitely helpful. Price: Free
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SyncBreeze SyncBreeze

And you know why it is free 1 stars
The free version is basic file sync that you must run manually. To get a real time sync, you must pay. For 50 you get real time sync and zip compression capability. For 100, it will run in the background as a service. Free handles 100K files, 50 will get you 1M files and the 100 version gets you 100M files. Seems like if I have to manually run it each time I want to sync my files, I might as well just copy and paste. Don't waste your time, it ain't what you are expecting. Price: Free
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TeamViewer TeamViewer

Unparalleled! 5 stars
I found this when 1st released and had low expectations. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised. It is the most convenient and easy to use app for cross-network activity I can imagine! My home net is at my fingertips, especially when I can do routine maintenance on my wife`s PC without leaving my desk. I accessed my home PC from Europe this summer while on vacation to check some files I had inadvertently left behind. Flawless! A near perfect app. Thanks!! Price: Free
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