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BDlot DVD ISO Master BDlot DVD ISO Master

Does what it claims 5 stars
Finally, a DVD to ISO creator that lives up to its claims. Very straightforward to use, fast and removes various disc protections without any problem. Most of my DVD collection has now been backed up and BDLOT hasn't had one failure yet. A definite keeper. Price: Free
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Folders Popup Folders Popup

Extremely useful - a real time-saver 4 stars
I've only been using this for a week and I'm already wondering how I managed without it before! It does exactly what it's supposed to do - allows you quick access to selected folders and specific files without having to trawl through a mass of directories. You can also add URLs which, although useful, you'd probably already have added as bookmarks in your browser. The write-up from the Author implies you need a middle-button on your mouse to use Folders Popup but this is not the case; it can be used by configuring a variety of left or right button combinations and it can also be called using a definable keyboard-shortcut. A definite "keeper" and many thanks to the Author. Price: Free
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PhotoSift PhotoSift

Does exactly what it claims 5 stars
Very straightforward to use with a nice set of features - nothing missing that you'd need and, just as importantly, nothing superfluous to make it bloated and cumbersome. Takes all the hard and tedious work out of organising (or re-organising!) your photo collection. Many Thanks to the Author. Price: Free
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Clipjump Clipjump

Really useful - but read the helpfile first. 5 stars
I've been looking for something like this for ages so first off, many thanks to the Author. Overall, Clipjump works really well and it has a wealth of features that pretty much cater for everyone's requirements - I appreciate that the Author is trying to satisfy everyone, even if my own personal requirements are rather more mundane. The interface is functional but rather basic and it could perhaps be a bit more user-friendly - 2 things come to mind: 1. Couldn't CTRL+V pop-up a larger window of your clips to then cycle through with CTRL+C or CTRL+V rather than showing them in small window one at a time and having to remember if certain clips come before or after the current one in the clip list. I find that I am often having to toggle CTRL+V and CTRL+C to 'hunt the clip' I want, rather than being able to easily see it further up or further down in the list). 2. Cutting and Copying to the clipboard is possible using either keyboard or mouse. However, pasting is only possible using the keyboard (CTRL+V). Couldn't mouse (right-click, then paste) display the same pop-up window of your clips as suggested in 1) above. That way, the User then has complete freedom to wholly use either keyboard or mouse. I appreciate that there may be programming reasons why the Author hasn't taken such an approach and the above suggestions shouldn't in any way detract from what is an excellent piece of software that I wouldn't now be without. Price: Free
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SuperSimple Video Converter SuperSimple Video Converter

Basic - but in the best possible way! 5 stars
For once, video conversion software that delivers on its promises! The interface is super-clean (so much so that you initial suspect it might be a bit too basic) but in fact the balance of 'real-world' features and ease of use is spot-on. It handles all of the major file formats, the quality of the converted output seems very good, it converts all formats noticeably quicker than much of the competition and it's not a resource hog. What more could you ask for? The only downside is that i didn't come across it sooner - LOL! Many Thanks to the Authors for this excellent piece of software. Price: Free
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ShirusuPad ShirusuPad

Addictive - wouldn't be without it. 5 stars
Like others, i searched high and low for a simple screenpad that handles the basics well and doesn't get too bogged down in clever but rather pointless gimmicks. I can now stop looking. Sure, there are a few annoyances with it such as the ridiculously small default fonts and having to tweak the look and feel via an .ini file but these are one-off changes and are reasonably straightforward to make (remember to exit Shirusupad BEFORE making any .ini changes or they won't be applied!). Personally, i wouldn't bother with the 'to-do' task functionality (the interface is pretty clunky - for example, changing priorities is particularly tedious) nor the floating screen notes (does anyone really ever work that way!). But if you do need them, they are there and do the job. Play to its strengths and just use it as an excellent, basic screenpad - the 'showhide' functionality with both mouse and keyboard shortcuts is slick and the ability to open files or launch applications via reminders is well thought-out. Set it up with a few user-defined categories(tabs) to help organize your notes and you'll find it fast, simple and unobtrusive. It's head and shoulders better than the others. Thanks to the author. Price: Free
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UK`s Kalender UK`s Kalender

Good balance of features and well thought out 5 stars
The list of features and ease of use are well balanced. Spend 10 mins reading through the options, then off you go. I was looking not so much for a full blown PIM but rather for a simple interactive year planner so where this software really scores is the ability to set the default view to 'Year' and then just tuck it away in the system tray. The good thing is that the wealth of features never over-complicates things for those of us with simpler requirements. Nor does it slow things down as the software appears light on system resource. The ability to show days of the week (and not just the date) and to colour-code different events (both in the 'Year' view) would be nice but it's certainly not a show stopper. Finally, the 'UK' in the software title is the author's initials (nothing to do with the United Kingdom!) - but it's something that I suspect might mean people miss out on this excellent piece of software. Thanks Ulrich. Price: Free
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