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DriverHub DriverHub

Looks good, but broke my comptuer 2 stars
This is good-looking software that identified a dozen or more drivers that needed updating. However, after rebooting my computer would not start, and even a Win 10 repair, or restore from a System Restore point, could not bring it back. I had to restore from a full system image backup I'd done, luckily, just a few days ago. Updating drivers can be messy, and I guess it's something that needs to be done manually, or maybe one at a time. Price: Free
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Hekasoft Backup & Restore Hekasoft Backup & Restore

My fragile Chrome profile 5 stars
Finally I can back up and restore my Chrome profile, which has taken to being corrupt every couple of weeks, and which takes a lot of work to restore (as not everything is brought back by having it backed up to Google). I have not yet had a chance to restore, but the backup itself is very easy, and stores the single .backup file in a folder of your choosing (I made a new "Chrome" folder in My Documents, so it would be caught in my SpiderOak backups). Has the option for dozens of different browsers. Price: Free
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BrowserSelect BrowserSelect

Makes using multiple browsers easy 5 stars
If you use multiple browsers, this is a very handy program. I use a few browsers for specific sites, and one browser as my main, everything-but-those-few-sites browser. A few clicks and that's set up. I set up my specific sites, then manually entered a rule for "" to use my main browser. You can even then set up a rule to have a certain site ask you every time which browser to use. Price: Free
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DesktopSnowOK DesktopSnowOK

Tiny, and lots of fun 5 stars
This is a single executable, 79K in size (it does save an .ini file in the same directory). It has over 20 different modes, from snowflakes to tennis/soccer/baseballs, stars, etc. It of course uses some CPU cycles, but did not seem to negatively impact my computer at all. A fun winter mod for those of us wishing for snow. Each flake appears to move independently, some with a wide back-and-forth swing on the way down, some not much at all. Price: Free
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Magic Mail Monitor Magic Mail Monitor

Great bouncer for email 5 stars
I use this program to run interference on incoming mails: it checks mail very quickly and lets me see the message metadata (who it is from and the subject), and I can optionally read the message in plain text. It serves as my "bouncer", keeping an eye on my front door and turning away messages I don't want (easy options for deleting both manual or rules-based). Can also have mail from trusted sources displayed in a different color. This tool checks my email every minute, and I only fetch mail via Outlook when I want to bring them all in. Price: Free
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ImagePrinter Free ImagePrinter Free

Great idea, needs polish 1 stars
Nice concept, but: 1) you must config options before you use it each time, would be better served at point of use (for example, if you want a GIF of a web page now, and a PDF of a web page later, you have to open the config *before* you "print" it and make the changes to format and location, etc.; 2) PDF output is very large, and not text-based as are others (the text, being just an image, cannot be indexed and is not searchable); also, the resultant PDFs are huge, because they're just big images with a PDF wrapper; and text quality is not good. Bullzip PDF Printer can do all of this, and has a much more usable interface. [ Editor`s note: Keep in mind that this software is primarily designed to output image formats, it is not a PDF printer, hence the name `Image Printer`.] Price: Free
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