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VirusTotal Uploader VirusTotal Uploader

Unavoidable 5 stars
Easy to use, invaluable, reliable, fast. I use it as I download and, believe me, it has prevented me more than once from installing what appeared to be malware, be it spyware, trojan, virus! or whatever the (dis)like :) Recommended! Price: Free
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CleanMem CleanMem

Best in its category 5 stars
Works fine, and the availability of `ignore` and `only` lists is a great advantage (I `ignore` most of system files). This application allows me for instance to run Firefox for hours with *no* ram issue. Brilliant and... others have copied and perform not as well: this is the original. Price: Free
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Radio? Sure! Radio? Sure!

Video did not kill the radio star ! 5 stars
A must for all radio fans. Other reviewers here have said it all. Perhaps can I add that many skins are available on the author's homepage. Clean install, no Registry rubbish, clean and beautiful product. Price: Free
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Greenshot Greenshot

Compact, efficient, smooth 5 stars
This is exactly the screen capture utility I was searching for. Too many similar utilities providing too many extra features for too many bytes when what I wished for was a screen capture tool (screen, active window, area) and not an image editor associated with it. This app is small, fast, elegant. And within simplicity, output options as we need them. Perfect. Price: Free
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