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PhoXo PhoXo

No hassle, great for quick crops and edits 5 stars
It's a simple little app, but does a lot of the common tasks one needs in a paint program, comes with a bunch of cute funny icons too. Recommended Price: Free
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WebTorrent Desktop WebTorrent Desktop

Simple but effective 4 stars
Pretty impressive,simply click a magnet link, and you can start streaming. Tried it with some music too. It could use a better UI, with autoplay of next track etc. but it's a great streamer. Simple and does the job well. Perfect for films I would say, so so for music. Price: Free
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MusicBee MusicBee

Simply the best! 5 stars
It has custom views and sorting galore, mini and compact player modes with great GUIs. It's customisable, and you can add extra function buttons. It can identify tracks by their sound, has volume levelling for quiet tracks, by track EQ's... I could go on! Music Bee is simply the best music player for someone with loads and loads of MP3's :D I am so happy I found this last year! never looked back since! Price: Free
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Process Lasso Process Lasso

New life to an old gaming rig 5 stars
You know how it is, you read about things that can help make your pc run better etc, and you're always sceptic. However occasionally you get pleasantly surprised. That was my experience with Process Lasso. I came across it when I was looking for a way to unpark my aging Quad Core CPU's cores. And discovered the standalone tool, but also the same tool embedded in Process Lasso. So, I went ahead and installed it...and my jaw dropped! It really made a difference on my 8 year old rig, where as before it would be a battle to use a window right after coming out of a full screen program, with Process Lasso, it was instant. As far as boosting my gaming, the Unpark Cores feature in it helped a lot, gaining me around 20FPS in games like Guild wars 2 and Tomb Raider 2013. I liked it so much I bought it, with Bitcoins!!!!! And the publisher is really generous by allowing me to install the license on more than one PC. Bloody great software! FULLY recommended! Price: Free Trial ($32.95)
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InternetOff InternetOff

Easy internet killswitch! 5 stars
It's simple and works. That is really all that needs to be said. Often with the complexity of modern firewalls it can be a bit of a pain to stop some programs from being 100 cut off from the internet. The simplest solution is to have a network adapter killswitch, which is exactly what this is :D No frills and kicks derriere every time :) Price: Free
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BandiView BandiView

Great program, lacks crop tool 4 stars
I can't fault this! It's great for what it's meant to do, but would benefit greatly with the addition of an easy to use crop tool. The interface is good, and sleek. Extremely easy to use with nice context menu intergration to boot! :D Price: Free
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Roboscan Internet Security Free Roboscan Internet Security Free

Works well! 5 stars
Roboscan just works for me! I'm using an older PC and it has virtually no impact on performance, whilst still providing me with good protection and a firewall! I can't think about anything bad to say about this program. Sure false positives pop up now and then, but I have experienced that with virtually every AV I've used. Roboscan is a great AV if your current one is grinding your system to a halt. Between this and Herdprotect, I've not had an infection in years! Highly Recommended! :D Price: Free
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360 Total Security Essential 360 Total Security Essential

Most impressive 5 stars
It's quite an amazing piece of software, considering it's free. Lightweight too, full of features, 5 AV engines built into it (you need to activate the Avira and Bit Defender engines yourself inside the program with a single click, bit it's easy enough). Seriously awesome and all for free! Price: Free
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Comodo System Utilities Comodo System Utilities

Best cleaner ever! 5 stars
I've tried a load of applications that claim to be able to speed up your system by cleaning it up. Only some paid ones did that they claimed. This however is free, and does everything and more that you'd expect from an expensive system cleaner! At the risk of sounding like a fan boy, Comodo has some great freebies for us casual PC enthusiasts! Price: Free
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