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.NET Version Detector .NET Version Detector

Useful little applet 5 stars
I'm happy to find this useful little applet. From time to time new software asks what version of Net I have, and ...I dunno ! Now I do. The DataRat Price: Free
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CustomExplorerToolbar CustomExplorerToolbar

Very usef file explorer add-on 4 stars
Only downside: The tool labels don't appear unless a folder or file is clicked on. This doesn't have a rationale to my thinking. It increases space on the Explorer interface. But it's not like it's crowded ! Otherwise, Custom Explorer ToolBar permits addition of very useful functions (like Copy, Delete, Rename, etc.) put out where easily accessible. The DataRat . Price: Free
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Convert Convert

Good, very good 5 stars
Been using this for a LOT of ~years~. One of the first applets I install on a new computer. And it functions just fine on my current machine: 64-bit Vista. Price: Free
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SuperF4 SuperF4

Does what it does well 5 stars
It has always worked for me on my 64-bit Vista machine. Can't ask any more than ~that~ ! Price: Free
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Commands in Demand Commands in Demand

Useful to have 5 stars
Nothing that you can't find elsewhere in Microsoft's Windows interface. Just all in one place without hunting these things down ! Price: Free
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Titlebar Date-Time Titlebar Date-Time

Nice applet 4 stars
Has a number of features allowing thorough customization of time-date in all of your window's title bars. Price: Free
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Taskbar Shuffle Taskbar Shuffle

How did we live without it ? 5 stars
Wonderful little utility that doesn't do much, but what it ~does~ do is IMPORTANT ! I've been using this applet for a few years (since XP, and now with Vista). Always has worked ...and worked good ! Don't forget that you not only can rearrange your task list, you can also rearrange the icons in the "system tray" / "notification tray" (or whatever Microsoft is calling it this week !). For many of us, screen-position is more critical than text labeling or, even, icon shape/color. Your cursor is invisibly drawn to return to the ~same~ location it's habituated to. Use Taskbar Shuffle to have taskbar items where your muscle-memory expects to find them ! Price: Free
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OneLoupe OneLoupe

Nice tool 4 stars
First, OneLoupe is stable. Many freeware screen magnifiers are NOT ! Secondly, enhanced image is reasonably clear. Thirdly, scrolling in or out is easy using your mouse scroll wheel. Fourthly, keyboard arrow keys expand or diminish the size of the viewer. Fifthly, "B" key saves images to clipboard as bitmaps, and "P" key put pixel value [color] on clipboard. ( That last item -the Color Picker- hasn't worked all that well ! ) Finally: OneLoupe functions just fine on 64-bit Vista, as well as on both screens of a dual-monitor set-up. Price: Free
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Desk Drive Desk Drive

Functions well: usb and optical disc drives 5 stars
On my 64-bit Win Vista machine with 4-gigs of RAM, Desk Drive has been 100% in my experience ! Neither slows my system, or has ~ever~ crashed. Price: Free
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SecondShell SecondShell

Useful. however, limited 4 stars
Accomplishes vertical and horizontal maximization of windows. Absolutely great for those who don't like, or simply don't use, windows full maximization. Not a whole lot of options extant, but one's now available are extremely useful ! Further development is almost certain to drive additional features. While avoiding Aero Shake and Aero Snap. People limited to one thing [or process] at a time, tend to Maximize application screens.Those who multi-task only partially maximize programs to their screens ! ( So we can see what applet lays underneath, and more easily access it. ) [ Dual-monitors alter this strategy only a bit ! ] What we're talking here is an entire sub-group of users operating their PCs in a totally different manner ! Not cascading their application windows. And certainly NOT tile windows ! Instead "striping" windows displayed on the desktop. Large enough view of each to be usable. Narrow to visualize windows underneath. Price: Free
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Handy File Tool Handy File Tool

One-trick pony 3 stars
Handy File Tool is a one-trick pony: Only thing it's got going for it is the "file basket". Beyond that, it's lacking a LOT of features other freeware file managers offer. The "file basket" is an interesting idea. Seems like it'd be good for a file you know you're going to move, but not yet certain ~where~. Overall, however, it's a rather simplistic dual-pane file manager without much to recommend it (other than dual-panes and the "file basket"). Upon exiting the application, there's an ad window for this developer's other products. No big deal. Not especially obtrusive or annoying. An extremely small price to pay for freeware ! Price: Free
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SE-Explorer SE-Explorer

Rudimentary 3 stars
SE-Explorer is more rudimentary than other freeware file managers out there. I view it as one or two incremental steps above Microsoft's Windows Explorer, and recommend it for anyone who doesn't want a real fancy (read: complicated) file manager. Just one that's ~better~ than Windows Explorer. Price: Free
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TaggedFrog TaggedFrog

Hard road to go 3 stars
Tags are probably the most labor-intensive of all systems for organizing anything. TaggedFrog has an interesting approach, but you really have to LOVE tagging items to make this work. Price: Free
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CubicExplorer CubicExplorer

Well executed alternative 5 stars
Besides being one of the best looking Window Explorer (WE) replacements/alternatives, CubicExplorer has all the bases covered for functionality. Price: Free
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SurF SurF

New approach 5 stars
Fascinating new approach to structuring folder (directory) view. I'm looking forward to playing with this ! For now, I can say it's very promising. Price: Free
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