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Everything Everything

Software excellence 5 stars
This is one of the few programs which deserve the highest possible rating- free, tiny, light, fast, stable, easy to use, feature-rich and highly customizable, an absolutely excellent piece of software. Price: Free
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Nice bookmark manager 5 stars
StorURL is the best free bookmark manager I have ever tested. It offers many handy features:
- portable version (one can run it from external drives with all its data and settings);
- it can import bookmarks from all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera);
- it can work with multiple databases;
- databases can be password-protected;
- unlimited categories can be added;
- databases can be exported to CSVXML files (either the selected category or the whole database);
- it can generate HTML files (for the whole database or for the selected category);
- it can verify bookmarks;
- it can retrieve site icons;
- it has a floating bar (which can be customized in terms of position, size and colour);
- it has tray support;
- bookmarks can be launched from the main window, from the floating toolbar and from the tray icon;
- multiple browsers can be added and bookmarks can be launched in the desired browser;
- it has integrated search;
- it has 'night mode' visual style;
- it has 'always on top' mode;
- it includes a database editor;
- detailed help is included;
On top of all that the developer is extremely helpful and open to suggestions. Price: Free
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Snipaste Snipaste

Excellent capture tool 5 stars
Truly portable, easy and extremely handy to use Snipaste shines in post-production of captured images- the option to paste the captured images onto desktop in floating, resizable and movable windows makes Snipaste unique. Price: Free
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Eusing Clock Eusing Clock

A nice clock but not portable 4 stars
Eusing Clock looks cool but it is not portable- it saves settings in Windows registry- "HKEYCURRENTUSER/Software/Eusing Clock". I prefer truly portable software and that is why I decided to dump it. Price: Free
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RenameMaestro RenameMaestro

Now completely free 5 stars
RenameMaestro version 6.1 has been released as freeware without any limitations or nags. Price: Free
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Ocenaudio Ocenaudio

Great audio editor 5 stars
Ocenaudio is an excellent, free, multi-platform audio editor, perhaps even better than Audacity. In fact the name is ocenaudio, not Oceanaudio, since it is based on Ocen Framework. Price: Free
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Extremely simple 4 stars
Although extremely simple, Snap2HTML is a good tiny portable directory indexer- although it offers no options and no customization, it is fast and the output HTML files are very nice, providing a search box, a very handy feature. Price: Free
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bitsoft ShowIP bitsoft ShowIP

Extremely bad 3 stars
This is one of the worst applications I have ever tested. For such a simple task it requires Net Framework 4 and Windows Installer 4.5. It consumes too much resources for just showing an IP address. It does not install in Program Files Folder (the normal installation directory for Windows). It does not provide uninstaller. It scatters junk all over the machine, so one should thoroughly seek for left-overs and delete them manually (searching for bitsoft and showip). There are many free and slim alternatives, both portable and installable (with uninstaller), that look better, work better, do not consume as much resources as this resource hog and do not pollute the system. In fact Net Framework dependent applications are notorious for their appetite, this is the platform for lazy and feckless programmers and the result of their efforts is usually either poor or extremely poor, as in this case. Price: Free
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The software developer responded to this review on Jun 10, 2010: That was quite a harsh review, and in several parts totally untrue. I ll try to respond. Upon installation the application is added to the user s Start menu and to the Add/Remove Programs group in the Control Panel. From the Start menu you may launch ShowIP but not uninstall it (keeping your startmenu clean). Instead it s possible to fully uninstall ShowIP from the Add/Remove Programs group via the Control Panel. Find ShowIP by scrolling down in the programs list and click remove/uninstall. (Did you look there?) This Microsoft technology called ClickOnce Deployment is unlike other deployment technologies. Nothing is added to the Program Files folder, the registry, or the desktop, and no administrative rights are required for installation. (Again, keeping your system clean). Which brings me do your other allegation that ShowIP is "polluting your system" and "scatters junk all over the machine". I m not sure how and what brought you to this conclusion. The only file(s) that ShowIP creates (if we exclude the installer) is the log file which is saved in the application directory. You do know that it s fully possible delete it? Further on if you like, go to preferences and tick the box to prevent ShowIP to create it in the first place. I interpret it that your frustration begins with Microsoft or the .NET Framework in the first place "consuming your computer s resources". Let me tell you, get prepared. Almost every developer will eventually jump over to .NET framework. Here`s another friendly last tip for you: Get a job so you can afford a modern computer that doesn`t get on it s knees when running simple applications. Best regards, bitsoft

Futurix Imager Futurix Imager

A very good image viewer 5 stars
Simple, light, clean, fast. FuturixImager supports a lot of image formats and can automatically rotate pictures according to EXIF data (if available). It also supports plug-ins (including editor) and high quality display filters. One of the best Image Viewers available. Price: Free
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