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Thunderbird Thunderbird

A great alternative to MS Outlook 5 stars
This e-mail client works very well and has all the features needed by this kind of application. In my opinion, it can be considered the best (and free) alternative to Microsoft e-mail clients like Outlook and Outlook Express. Price: Free
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Google Chrome Google Chrome

A fast and reliable browser. 4 stars
The main advantages of Chrome are its speed on page rendering and its safeness. Generally I think it can be considered safer than IE and Firefox, also because it is still a less diffused browser. Other than that, another good thing is that you can find it also in a portable version, very very useful! Finally, it is completely free. The only one thing I don't like is the color of the program's window (a sort of electric blu) I really would like to change it into a better color. Price: Free
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Uranium Backup Free Uranium Backup Free

A strong program, flexible like a swiss knife 5 stars
Since I've installed Uranium for the first time, my impression is of a very solid program, first of all because of its installation, that is small and fast. Then I very appreciated the large number of features and options. Practically Uranium can be used to do many kinds of data transfer tasks and it does them with good accuracy and speed. I think Uranium is one of the best programs in its category to make data copies, also thanks to its low impact on the system. A wizard to create the backups could be useful for newbies, hope it will be added in future releases. Although some useful features are only in the commercial versions, the freeware version remains an optimal and fast choice for whom needs to replicate data on multiple hard drives and in the network. Price: Free
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CCleaner CCleaner

A professional software for free 5 stars
CCleaner is a stable and effective software for privacy protection and personal data cleaning. It installs in few seconds and you immediately can find the functions you need thanks to its intuitive interface. It has also some other useful features, like registry cleaning/repair and secure file deletion. Finally, it also installs on server operating systems. It deservedly became a well known program in the last years. Price: Free
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A very good and useful freeware 5 stars
There are not so things to say about this program. It perfectly does its work, it has all the features you need to create or modify icons, it is lightweight, fast and stable. I'm happy to know that it is still possible to find such well-made freeware applications. Price: Free Trial ($29.99)
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ZoneAlarm Free ZoneAlarm Free

Not so good like in the past 2 stars
I've much appreciated Zone Alarm Free in the past. A good and lightweight firewall for any user. I think in the recent years the company who makes Zone Alarm didn't care so much of its free product ... There are some other free products that can be considered better than this. Finally, there is a limitation that I really don't like: it cannot be installed on server operating systems (when you try to install it on Win 2003 Server, it says that it cannot be installed on Win 2000 ... there is also a mistake in the message!). Price: Free
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FileZilla FileZilla

Sets the standard for any other FTP client 5 stars
I have been using FileZilla for several years. The most important thing I can say of this software is that it represents "the standard" for any other FTP client, because of its extreme compatibility with any FTP server and with any specific implementation of the FTP protocol. Other than that, it always gives the impression of a stable and well tested program, and it can be also used as a portable application, a thing I really appreciate in any program. Price: Free
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Restoration Restoration

A minimal but really practical tool 5 stars
I really appreciated this little tool. It has only the minimal set of features you need to recover deleted files, but it does the work very well. It is the fastest way to do this task, very small, no installation, lightweight. Price: Free
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