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Avant Browser Avant Browser

As an IE browser, Avant rocks 5 stars
What I like in particular about Avant Browser is the availability of the portable version that can be run from a flash drive. The tab management and content blocking options also go far beyond what IE or most other browsers can do. Subjectively speaking, even without using any of the blocking options, it seems to load pages -much- faster than plain vanilla Internet Explorer - some sort of enhanced memory caching perhaps. Price: Free
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Apple Safari Apple Safari

Has come a long way 4 stars
I typically use Firefox 3.6 more often these days, but Safari (4.0.4) has come a long way since the initial buggy / crash-prone Betas. It is very fast at rendering pages, even compared with both Firefox, Opera, and Chrome - and the interface is very clean (which isn't as good depending on your perspective). The history and "cover flow-ish" bookmarks and history is actually quite functional and useful. One thing of note about recent builds of Safari for Windows is memory usage behavior. In casual browsing sessions with multiple tabs open, it rarely exceeds 400 MB. A bit of a unfair comparison to Firefox (which which I use NoScript and a handful of other mainly visual/chrome extensions), Firefox's memory usage even with v3.6 can sometimes far exceed this. One criticism of mine is the minimalistic chrome (i.e., UI), but digging into some of the Preferences reveals that you can customize it to some degree. Price: Free
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