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Visions Visions

Decent features but slow and confusing 4 stars
Overall, Vision has a decent set of editing features with several enhancements, filters and effects. It can also help you create greeting cards and share image via Flickr etc. The 3-D features appear to be nothing but (useless) eye candy that only slows down image browsing and isn't nearly as intuitive as, let's say, on your iPhone. Overall a nice achievement but I would not use it on a regular basis. It has several good, even some very good features but it doesn't really excel at anything. Price: Free
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USBOblivion USBOblivion

It works for those who need it 4 stars
This app works exactly as described, I tested it against a Nirsoft app, which actually shows all the currently registered USB entries. After I ran Oblivion, all the references to Mass Storage devices were gone. But here's the thing: Why would you want to remove these entries? They are not easily accessible as, let's say your browser history or recently used docs. It would take an above-average user to even find this information (e.g. by using the Nirsoft USBDeview tool) and I can't think of any reason where this information would be of any value unless you are the subject of a corporate espionage investigation. Removing those few entries from the registry will make zero difference as far as performance is concerned (unless, of course, you have a habit of connection dozens of new USB drives every day). Nonetheless, if you have a need for this, the program will certainly do the job as described. Price: Free
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Cryptnos Cryptnos

Great tool to improve your password security! 4 stars
Let's face it, most of us use the same darn password for most sites, or maybe a combination of 2 different passwords. If you use the same password on Billy Ray's Blog that you use for your bank or Amazon account, Billy Ray (or anybody that hacks his site) has got your email and password, free to try it out on some commonly used site until they get a "Bingo". With this app, you can still only have to remember on password (or passphrase as they call it), but the actual password for each site will be totally different. Unlike with traditional password managers, even if your computer explodes and goes up in flames, your passwords are never lost - simply download a copy of the Cryptonos, enter your site names and the passphrase and you can recreate your passwords. Price: Free
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CintaNotes CintaNotes

Have used it for more than a year 4 stars
I have used Cinta for some time now, not every day, but for certain projects where I collected references from other websites. The program has steadily improved without changing the overall way it worked. As of the latest version, they now offer a commercial option which adds some additional features. I don't really need those features, but since I like the app and would hate to see it go away, I may just spend the 10 bucks (wouldn't pay a dime more though :-). Price: Free
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