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IDpack IDpack

Insanely capable! 5 stars
Badge software with virtually no limits. Has to be "best of the best" for small business usage! With a little ingenuity, you can do almost ANYTHING with a little help from an external graphics production tool, layering AND macros in .mdb files. (Access v.10 files.) With the right card printer, you can create badges that are outstanding! From vouchers to gift certificates, to memberships and season passes: We've got everything in one highly customized .mdb database file. Took quite some time to setup the way we're using it.... But done right, it won't have to be done ever again. (Even have macros auto-expiring badges & full editing of all fields using the Access v.10 runtime.) Definitely has a "learning curve" but well worth the investment! Price: Free Trial ($299.00)
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TicketCreator TicketCreator

Awesome solution for in-house ticketing. 5 stars
Takes a while to understand, but once you get it.... This thing is a POWERFUL tool! Incredibly customize-able & can print on everything from regular printers to thermal POS receipt printers. Works FANTASTIC as a POSinstant ticketing solution. (Need one ticket, ONE CLICK. Need ten (all at once), only a couple of clicks. Replace your tickets and keep track of what's been issued..... Reporting and so much more. With a little imagination you can do some crazy things with this tool in a business environment! (that it wasn't even designed to do) We're replacing ALL paper tickets with this! (no per ticket fees. Buypay once and use unlimited on one PC!) Only negative (also a positive) is: This is a desktop application. So you won't be selling tickets online with it. (not designed for that purpose) Almost forgot: Bar-code inventory capabilities in one version. (Issued tickets can only be used once.) Have not tried the smartphone integration yet. Price: Free Trial ($230.00)
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CamPermanent CamPermanent

Program is awesome! 5 stars
We're using this program commercially. (totally legally) I have the highest regards for Marc. (The programming genius behind this software.) Ironically, it does so many things so well, it will probably replace many applications geared to image acquisition. (both motion and stills) In a nutshell: "Truly German Engineering" - Need I say more? We're presently using with a POE high resolution motion jpeg streaming camera. (We've been using it for several years.) Fabulous tool for capturing action based fully automated JPEG images. To say this program provides full automation is an understatement! About a year ago, I posted a review here, but for some strange reason it never appeared. The quality of this software is amazing! Price: Free Trial ($69.95)
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Puran Defrag Puran Defrag

There is no other, is there? 5 stars
Two words: "Use It" (Even on a 64 bit Win-7 system with a fast Momentus HHD!) Price: Free
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MailEnable Standard MailEnable Standard

Been using it for over 6 years..... 5 stars
Want to host an Windows based email service from your own domain? I've been using MailEnable for over 6 years. A much older version was included with a hosting package on Windows 2003 Server. Not being an "IT PRO" (whatever that really is) I feel blessed that this was the default email service pre-installed on "my box." If you can get the "MX records pointing your way" etc... and you're good with computers, you'll be able to to make this work. Lots of options, but once up and running it's purely "Set & Forget" for months at a time. Even some security auditing built in! Besides having an occasional issue with a "poorly formatted email" clogging an account.... (Which hasn't been an issue for over a year now) This tool is fantastic. Honestly I haven't upgraded to the most recent version yet, as I have had 0 problems with my aging version. I have updated versions numerous times (in the past) on a live box with zero problems! I will most likely be doing it soon with this version too, as "I expect history to proceed itself." NOTE: The only reasons in the past for me to upgrade was to hopefully fix the rare clogging issue which required manual (tedious) isolation of the afflicting email, followed by deletion on the server and finally a restart... Knock on wood, I haven't had to do this since the last update I performed nearly two years ago! Bottom Line: You'd be foolish to even contemplate looking elsewhere. (Unless you choose to let Google Apps handle your domain.) Price: Free
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Microsoft Security Essentials Microsoft Security Essentials

Gave up paid solutions - I never looked back. 4 stars
I've been running MSE for nearly a year now without any incidences on several systems. (both Windows-7 Business & Windows-XP) For the past 4 months I've been running it on this 64 bit Windows-7 Business system too. It's fast, unlike all the other solutions I've tried over the years! (Even the update signature files seem to update fast and transparently.) BOTTOM LINE:NO PROBLEMS! I've tried many others, and recently gave up a subscription to Eset. (At present, I have no intentions of even trying anything else.) FYI: It's worth noting that I just installed version 2x, and it seems just as quick. I can't say it's infallible, but so far I've never had anything "slip through." Either this is either really good, or "Ignorance is Bliss." I feel quite protected, combining this with "Windows 7 Firewall Control" (which provides additional control and monitoring of the built in MS Windows-7 firewall) and WinPatrol.
IMHO, a fast set and forget combination solution like this that doesn't get "in your face" is worth every penny. Price: Free
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