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Privatefirewall Privatefirewall

Poor firewall 1 stars
Some time ago I had this but uninstalled after an update made it ask again and again each time a program used a new port or so without an option to set it to allowed other than going to settings. Then all settings were lost upon new updates to the program. Since the firewall I changed to (PC Tools') stopped being updated a while ago, I was looking for a new firewall and seeing nothing new and good, tried to check the new version of this. It's much worse. Second PC start I had to hard reboot it, as it made the system hang out and cursor movement was the only input working. Then it causes a big latency to connections and at one point the browser kept one minute and a half with the animation of waiting to contact the server, doing nothing, which stopped happening as soon I closed this firewall. So I'll remember to not waste my time with this ever again. Price: Free
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Online Armor Free Online Armor Free

Pc bondage 3 stars
I was very pleased with this some time ago. Then it changed hands, the first version with new owner caused my windows vista to be unable to run any executable, after some issues with the install not going well had to start my PC in safe mode and remove it. A couple months ago I downloaded it again since some new versions had rolled and I hoped to return to it, since it was very comfortable to use. I was reasonably satisfied, though greatly annoyed because the install mode didn't work, as with some instalations it kept asking for permission each time the installer wanted to save a file. Until today, when for some reason apparently it was this that made the file explorer to become unresponsive and slowing the PC to a point it practically was hung up. A pity, because if it didn't freeze my comp like that it would've be a five stars and favorite of mine. Price: Free
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Comodo Internet Security Comodo Internet Security

It does all, may be more than you want, thoug 5 stars
Firewall plus Antimalware plus Antivirus. The antimalware is sort like Vista's UAC. The firewall has worked perfect for me. The antivirus part seems right, but I have a bad gut feeling. I saw some complaints over the EULA, but as I see it it's not bad. What I read as "if you get in legal action they can get lawyers and make you pay" is more like in arbitration system the arbiter may decide one part pays all costs. The control of traffic is that they offer, in pro version I guess, a DNS service, it would be in using that and this won't change your settings. And as sharing of e-mails and so, is the one you gave. However, something about COMODO certificates being available for free and used in some viruses is what made me think of uninstalling their CIS. However, I've not found any firewall up to this. Price: Free
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