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Revo Uninstaller Revo Uninstaller

Almost perfect 5 stars
This tool saved me my PC many times when the others failed. It's under continuous development and is getting better. But it is perfect even now all it needs a little care deleting registry keys. But it doesn't switch in automatic mode and gives information and time enough to make the right decision. Capable of installing programs, which comes without their own uninstaller and couldn't be removed without a tool like this. Price: Free
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jv16 PowerTools jv16 PowerTools

Waste of money and time 2 stars
Every year is getting heavier, slower and unstable. Buggy as hell. Their home site news is a collection of fixes for bugs. I understand the developer wanted to create something very special that is better than anybody elses program but missed the target. This puffed up program doesnt function reliably and possibly never will. Waste of money. Disappointed. Use it on your own risk. I have found much better and safer among the freewares. Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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Eusing Free Registry Cleaner Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

Carefully 3 stars
Seems to me it is going for numbers. Has found about 1120 useless regkeys on my platform. They were retrieved mostly from the "files and folders" section. Well, I dont know!!! I wouldnt delete them. Its good in a way it is aggressive and will find all hidden regkeys of uninstalled programs that other regcleaners might not find, but on the other hand it needs a lot of expertise to decide whether you can safely delete them or not. I.e. it returned lots of MRU keys but a lot even from the user assist section. I wouldnt touch that section. Good thing, though, it has an effective exclude option either for individual keys or for registry sections. That might make it much safer and less effective. I think it is for advanced users only. Price: Free
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Free Registry Defrag Free Registry Defrag

Not the best 2 stars
Sadly, I must second prettyfaces post. It worked for me well, but I experienced the same slowdown, not after months but after certain numbers of scans or defrags. Sorry for not being able to give more details, I was unable to run a professional trouble shooting. I mostly used it only for scans, very often, to get a picture of my registry general health and slowdown came after a dozens of scan. Otherwise it seemed to scan and defrag the registry correctly. I gave low rating, though, for the tool for being outdated both interface and functionality i.e. no detailed results for sections etc. Newer freeware registry defrag apps can do it. Price: Free
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Perfect 5 stars
Perfect and absolutely safe reg restore tool. Windows own system restore is a bit drastic and I have experienced problems after using it. That never happened restoring my registry with ERUNT. By default it overwrites previous backups within 24 hours but the default setting can either be changed or you can write your own comment in the starting backup window, thus creating a new backup for each time. That can be very useful to save precious settings, AV or Windows updates. Price: Free
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jv16 PowerTools Lite jv16 PowerTools Lite

Useless 1 stars
A big disappointment it was. This is everything but safe. Well, O.K. it can be told about 80% safe if you use the lowest level. But not even then. So, whats the use of it? I find their approach much too stuck-up that scan result is grouped only into two sections, registry junk and registry errors. Where are the sections for e.g. font, active X etc. I didnt dare delete a single key. I made 6 scans consecutively without deleting a single registry key and the results were different, let alone once it even froze during the scan. All freeware registry cleaners have better feature set and do better job and they even come with reg defrag. Price: Free
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