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PhotoFiltre PhotoFiltre

5 stars? try 10 stars! 5 stars
A perfect 10 is the only way to describe this app. Photofiltre should win awards. I have used Photofiltre for 4 years almost EVERY DAY, so I may have more experience with it than almost anyone. It is almost perfect. The programmer REALLY deserves your donation or your buying his deluxe version. Fast. Lightweight. Easy to Use. Useful plugins available (2 different auto white balance plugins are super useful). If Photoshop was free I would still use Photofiltre. Why? Photoshop is DRM monster, slow, buggy, and overkill for what people need to actually do 99.9% of the time. Why use overpriced DRM crap when this fast, lightweight, and quality app is available? If running 64 bit Vista or Win7 64 bit, be advised that there are some minor bugs that need to be fixed, but many users may not run into them. That said, the app has never crashed in 4 years of daily use. Price: Free
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Macrium Reflect (Free Edition) Macrium Reflect (Free Edition)

Inadequate 1 stars
With other FREE drive imaging software available, free is irrelevant to 'value'. You either stack up or you don't. This is junk. Any IT professional requires disk images to be created outside the OS -- from a boot disk -- to ensure maximum integrity of the image, and to not pollute the OS with installing disk imaging software when there is ZERO rationale for ~installing~ it. The Macrium Reflect Free Edition book disk only allows you to RESTORE an image, not CREATE one. That is lame and makes the product worthless to anyone who is not clueless. Of course, the paid version HAS a boot disk that will ~create~ images. This free version is bait to hook a knowledgeable user into buying pay version. No thanks. Price: Free
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