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BitDefender Free Edition BitDefender Free Edition

Truly the best free protection without hassle 5 stars
I am a very experienced PC user and knowledgeable in IT and business. In the past few months I have tried not only BD free, but also BD AV paid, Avast, Avira, MSE, F-secure, GData, Comodo, Webroot and many others previously. BD AV free is simply a great choice if you want the highest available protection via a single product and which is combined in a manner that is extremely lightweight for low powered laptops, hassle-free, no pop-ups to upgrade to another product, no slowdown of web-browsing, pain free compared to every other AV that I have used. In addition I installed free Safepay from BD. Perfect for internet banking. I used to spend a lot of time, even enjoyed, tinkering around with the various settings in AVs, but now I realised that life is too short to be spending time on that, surely there are some very bright developers out there who can take full responsibility, do a great job, and leave me without hassle, free my time? Fortunately BD have done that. I so pleased that I will continue to pay them for a Pro licence but use the free product instead, it's so simple and the BD AV Pro actually gave me some problems, unlike the free version. Price: Free
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Comodo Internet Security Comodo Internet Security

Highly effective, for experts only 3 stars
Highly capable suite but unless you are very experienced with your processes and connections and for example know exactly what to allow svchost.exe to connect to or which other processes to interact with, then stay well away from this suite because you may inadvertently block good traffic and processes and allow malicious traffic and processes to attack your PC. Comodo and many users say that inexperienced users should simply use the default deny mode, which is true up to a point. But in my experience because the Comodo white list is not as comprehensive as Norton or Kaspersky, a user may find some legitimate software blocked or denied too many rights to run properly. An experienced user can deal with this, but an inexperienced one can completely mess things up and open up their system to attack. On the good side, but for a fee of 50 per year, there is online support available to help set up and support any configuration or other PC problems, so if you can benefit pro this then Comodo is good for you. Another common problem with Comodo is their very mixed level of quality. Often they release upgrades which are not adequately tested and then can cause major problems for some users, so be aware of this and use system restore before an upgrade. In conclusion, Comodo is superb for some users, potentially far better than most other tools out there, but a potential disaster or just plain inappropriate for most other users, in my view. Price: Free
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Privatefirewall Privatefirewall

Very effective firewall 5 stars
Provides complete firewall and HIPS protection. User friendly. However inexperienced users should avoid using powerful firewall such as this one or other similar ones and are better off using a total effective security such as Norton, Kaspersky or Avast. Price: Free
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