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7-Zip 7-Zip

Good 4 stars
Interface is not 'newbie friendly' but otherwise understandable. A bit redundant on newer OS'es but for the more arcane file formats this one fits the bill. Price: Free
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Google Earth Google Earth

Very nice 5 stars
You can take a mini-trip around the world without ever having to get up from the sofa or office chair. Err, maybe thats not such a good thing :) Sit back, relax and get lost in a rainforest, a sandy beach on a remote island, or explore the streets of one downtown or another of your choice.. its like an endless vacation at your fingertips. Thumbs up! Price: Free
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Adobe Acrobat Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader

Keeps getting bigger, bigger.. 3 stars
The program is about 8 times the size of what it once was yet still does the same thing. Granted there are a few extras with recent pdf files, like watermarks, digital signing and all that, but still.. there's no reason any 'reader' application should ever need to be this large, having already surpassed a few smaller operating systems in size if thats any indication. Price: Free
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ICY Hexplorer ICY Hexplorer

Classy 5 stars
The best editor I have seen yet. Lightweight, simple, options where you need them, no bloat. No baloney. Does what its supposed to do and does it well. A fine addition to the programmer's toolkit. Could do with an update though. Price: Free
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IrfanView IrfanView

Basic 4 stars
The program still looks the same as it did years ago. Is light and fast, and a lot of options but still basic enough for novices. I would have given it a 5 but for the toolbar install; anything that makes you opt-out of a third party software offering you didn't ask for automatically gets a -1. Price: Free
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Avira Free Antivirus Avira Free Antivirus

Very good 4 stars
Nice, quiet anti-virus that doesn't constantly announce itself. You do get an advertisement pop-up when it updates, but its not too annoying (no animations, flash, etc). Good. Price: Free
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Avast Free Antivirus Avast Free Antivirus

Not enthusiastic. 3 stars
No this is not another cookie-cutter extol-the-virtues-of-the-program review. Not that a lot of the reviews on this page sound awfully similar, having the same grammatical style and syntax, one might question their authenticity.. but I digress. Have this installed on a 2GB Vista machine and it slows it down like molasses dripping down a picket fence. On another machine running XP it has similar results, slowing down performance of some online games. It does the job its supposed to, but you are certainly made aware of its presence, from the animated tray icon that spins 95% of the time as it constantly scans your hard disk and every action taken, to the highly annoying 'VIRUS DATABASE UPDATED!' announcement scaring the beejezus out of you as you quietly surf the net. This gets -1 because of the annoyances, and another -1 because it has difficulty quietly monitoring in the background like a good anti-virus program should. Price: Free
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JDiskReport JDiskReport

Good program 4 stars
Relies on a recent installation of Java JRE, if that tells you anything. Otherwise good program and does the job well, almost comparable to some shareware offerings. Price: Free
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Opera Opera

Needs work 3 stars
A nice looking browser, however still tends to break often with many of the popular websites, from either content that does not load properly or pages that freeze up altogether. To be fair Opera is a standards compliant browser so the fault likely lies with many of the shoddily built websites out there, but a browser as advanced as Opera should be able to handle errant code and step through it easily--unfortunately it does neither of these things well, and I find myself going back to IE or Firefox more often than not. While there have been many improvements and nice ideas such as the dialpad and wand, a browser that doesn't browse is just another piece of useless software. Until the browser can learn to effectively step through bad markup without freezing, I can't in good conscience recommend this software in its current state. Still needs some work. Price: Free
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FileZilla FileZilla

Very good 4 stars
What an FTP program should aspire to be. One thing I would consider reworking is the user interface, to make it a bit more user friendly. Price: Free
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AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

I've since given up on this 2 stars
Used the program for many years, even recommended it to clients. But no longer. I feel its become far too invasive; from the toolbar it tries to install, to checking what websites you visit (do I really need this functionality duplicated since my browser already does this for me?). A lot of good software tends to get lost once the marketing heads get involved, and I feel this has become more bloatware than anything else. Price: Free
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Proxomitron Proxomitron

A bit outdated, but... 4 stars
Still a nice little utility. However with the proliferation of media content and flash driven websites, it has lost some of its usefulness over the years. Still, I used this for many years to view the web the way I wanted to view it (not the way advertisers wanted me to), and while there's a slight learning curve, its not too difficult for the novice to pick up on. Price: Free
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CCleaner CCleaner

Wonderful 4 stars
I just love this little program. It is quite good; it is lean, mean, and does a fine job of cleaning up all the junk on a PC. Price: Free
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OpenOffice OpenOffice

Still needs work 3 stars
The old adage rings true here, you get what you pay for. Granted I have given this office suite every opportunity over the course of many years, since 1.0. Regrettably it still fails to impress. The lack of pre-installed templates, clumsy help interface, buggy cursor that jumps around the page unexpectedly, and options that simply won't stick once you uncheck them (how many times must we deselect that annoying Tips or Help Agent popup anyway?). The list goes on. The software does function as advertised, but its like the difference between the store brand cola and a national brand.. they both quench your thirst, but one just leaves you wanting for something more. Price: Free
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