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iPhotoDraw iPhotoDraw

Excellent non-destructive tool 5 stars
The best thing about this is everything is saved in a lightweight .xml file separate from the photo you are adding to, and can be updated endlessly and exported to different formats with no consequences for the underlying image. Wish more programs worked like this, instead of including the photo within their own file format, which is unnecessary duplication. Price: Free
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TeamViewer TeamViewer

Easy to use and best remote tech support 5 stars
I often have to help people are not technically proficient and this has proved to be the best software: easy to set up, easy to use and safe for both sides. Price: Free
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CodeLobster PHP Edition CodeLobster PHP Edition

Extended support is paid for 3 stars
Note that although the install version has extended support it is time limited to 30 days, after that each of the plug-ins (for wordpress, joomla, etc.) cost around $30 each. Otherwise you are back with a PHP and HTML editor only. Price: Free
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Hardlink Shell Extension Hardlink Shell Extension

Excellent time-saving utility 4 stars
This a simple and incredibly useful utility. I use it to link directories together that have to be categorized separately, but are linked by content. With this easy-to-use application I can access all the directories from a master directory which contains hardlinks to the others, saving the necessity of navigating to them, which can be a tiresome business indeed. If you have a similar need try this out. It takes about 10 minutes to find out the possibilities and see what works for you, and will save lots of time and frustration in the future. If you need it there is a very informative help page on their website. Great bit of work by the author, to whom I am very grateful indeed. Price: Free
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Arclab Thumb Studio Arclab Thumb Studio

Excellent gallery tool... 5 stars
I downloaded about 5 different gallery tools none of which produced a satisfactory result, or were difficult to customize. I then downloaded this program and it is excellent, and can be customized via your own templates, besides offering many ready-made templates. Many thanks to the authors for making such a useful program. Only thing I would suggest is that the name should be updated or changed to reflect its full capabilities. Price: Free
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Dexpot Dexpot

Revolution 5 stars
This program has revolutionised the way I work on my computer. For instance I currently have correspondence open on one desktop, a book I am reading on another, and a book I am writing on yet another, and can easily switch between them as needed. Before I installed Dexpot you can imagine the clutter, and it required frequently shutting down and restarting applications to keep it in order, which is very inconvenient. Now I can keep everything open and work on it at ease. My very best thanks to the developers who have made my work so much easier. Price: Free
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