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PhoneTray Free PhoneTray Free

It works for me under xp, and shows the name ... 5 stars
It works for me under XP, and shows the name (if not unlisted) and number of calls, providing you have Called ID and a normal modem. And there is an option to zap a call if it an 800 or 866 number or (r. clk. on the log) or add it to the privacy manager so that it disconnects after one ring. It is also handy as it logs all your calls if you choose. I have used it for years with no problem and thank God for such! Price: Free
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System Spec System Spec

Stand alone, no strings, overall info 4 stars
No EULA, no added "candy," just open the zip and you can launch this and get very quick basic and easy to read overall system info, including MAC address. Toolbar offers more info, but neither memory or BIOS would work on my Sony RA840G, s also offers option like System Restore. I think AIDA32 set the standard, but it is old. Thanks. Users might want to know that if you put msinfo32 in the Run command (hit OK) then you can get lots of info. Price: Free
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The software developer responded to this review on Jan 17, 2012: Currently working on memory, BIOS and Sound adapter improvements and additional new information. Ref: msinfo32 - already new that and others. It s not about the amount it s about how it s layed out.

HD Tune HD Tune

Provides temp and basic health status 3 stars
And high temp warning color, plus benchmarking and error scan, but it apparently writes to the hard drive every 6 seconds. When I exist the program this regular HD activity stops. Price: Free
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RenPhoric RenPhoric

Cannot detect multiple lines of text 3 stars
Simple to use, but like some others, it cannot detect multiple lines of html ... instead, only the first word shows up. I would recommend it for replacing one word Price: Free
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Active Hard Disk Monitor Active Hard Disk Monitor

Best of its kind 5 stars
I have tried other similar apps, but this one works and works well. It enables you to see the temp of your hard drive in the system tray (by the clock), and you choose the colors, including for alerts (high temp., etc.) which it enables, and it offers other basic info on all drives. Low on system resources, and such should be standard on PCs. Price: Free
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WinPatrol (Free Edition) WinPatrol (Free Edition)

Should be standard on all PCs 5 stars
This is a needed quality piece of software, which exposes the clandestine practices of many software companies, including Microsoft. It has a EULA that you wish all software had, and simply doe sits job. Supplement this with Startup Control Panel, anther simply but helpful utility. I thank God for such developers. Price: Free
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OpenOffice OpenOffice

Best of its kind, the Firefox of word pros 5 stars
I have been blessed to be able to use OpenOffice for about 10 years, upgrading from the early versions, and have use it extensively for writing, including using tables, frames, etc. I have tried other free Word Pros, but Open Office has been the best by far. Having never really used MS Office, i cannot compare the two, but wonder if it is as customizable as Open Office. You can create and modify toolbars, and create keyboard shortcuts (an save the latter config), and many extensions are available for it, such as enables you to save sessions (reopen all documents you were working on). It has more to learn from Firefox (it lacks themes, and tabs for switching open documents would a help), and contacting developers is an issue. The jumping cursor - caused by a scrolled documents reverting to the last cursor position when the save auto recovery info (a good option) kicks in - and jumping frames/images, has yet to be fixed, but this is a premier piece of freeware. Thank God for OOo Price: Free
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