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Quick Cliq Quick Cliq

Try this terrific utility! 5 stars
Quick Cliq is the smallest, fastest, and most convenient utility to launch programs or to open folders and files that Ive encountered. All it takes is a quick mouse gesture--a right-click and slight downward pull on the mouse anywhere in any window--and instantly your personalized list of links to programs, folders and files pops up. Then just (left) click the desired link; Quick Cliqs small popup window instantly disappears and your program, folder or file is activated. And it is a snap to add links: just right-click any Window object and select Add to Quick Cliq. You can also add or edit links or adjust the format of Quick Cliqs popup window by selecting the AddChange link. There are lots of other features as well, including a clipboard and memo list. Nothing can match the ease and convenience of just scratching your display screen with the mouse cursor and popping up a couple dozen or more links to your most often-used programs, files and folders. No need to go fishing thru the notification area looking for a launcher icon, or trying to remember a hotkey sequence. Its all nicely thought out with a clean intuitive user interface. It is a great program! Price: Free
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sTabLauncher sTabLauncher

Ouch! 1 stars
STabLaunchers look and feel is very Apple-like, if thats your cup of tea. But even Apple fans might want to pass this one by. After installation, Task Manager showed sTabLauncher churning close to ONE MILLION page faultsyou could here my disk in the next room! After uninstalling sTabLauncher, the disk head still makes an occasional unsettling loud ping. While testing some sTabLauncher features, I checked the option to retract the tabs fully, which resulted in no longer being able to pop them up, or even to uncheck the option or do absolutely anything else. Needless to say, the next option I chose was uninstall (using Vistas Programs control panel). If youre looking for a well-structured, bug-free utility that gives you very convenient, no-click program and folder shortcuts, take a look at Snapfiles utilities Traybar or Folder Guide in fact, they make a great combo with many nicely complementary features. Price: Free
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