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DriveImage XML (Private Edition) DriveImage XML (Private Edition)

Amazing - but ! 4 stars
I deleted my previous review so that I could post a new one with more info. I tried various other pieces of Software and then saw DriveImageXML recommended in a review for something else. 'Thing of beauty' as they say in the classics. I copied the XPsp3 hard drive from my T42P to a spare hard drive in a USB external enclosure. Took about an hour and a half or so to do a 40 gb drive. When I booted up, checkdisk had to correct a few things and then it booted up perfectly. The next day I tried Vista Home Premium and when I booted up I had to insert the original media to do a minor repair and then it too booted up perfectly. Unfortunately Windows 7 is not supported yet. Price: Free
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HDClone Free Edition HDClone Free Edition

Didn`t read the fine print 2 stars
Didn't read the fine print that the destination drive should be bigger (mine were identical sizes), neither did it warn me. After 3.5 hours and as many sector errors as sectors read and progress never getting past 0%, I gave up. I found the creation of the boot CD, program Interface and the fact that it recognized my destination drive as USB portable quite encouraging. As someone else mentioned, pity it had so many missing features that I was unable to evaluate it properly. Price: Free
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