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GetFileSize GetFileSize

Great lil web tool 5 stars
I notice that not many people use a program such as this judging from its popularity stats but as far as I'm concerned, it's one of those tools I wouldn't and couldn't do without! Whenever a Developer says their software is 'the latest' version..that's when this lil guy tells me "the truth" by showing the Publisher's modified truly well especially if downloading's done directly from the Author's Website. No issues so far on my XP laptop w IE6 SP2 since I began using it way back in 2005, in fact, this tool is fast and doesn't eat up OS resources. If you ever need a sure and stable "spy" .. this baby's it! Price: Free
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Visual Task Tips Visual Task Tips

Great!! 5 stars
A good and stable program, its window size can be adjusted, though on my old IBM Laptop, transparency slows my machine down, so, when I'm using a lot of CPU-intensive stuff, I make sure I don't use this little baby. Those of you with newer machines shouldn't have any problems--download it NOW! Price: Free
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Taskbar Shuffle Taskbar Shuffle

Big help..when it works 4 stars
This is a fine program, but, it doesn't always work. XP has its moods, so, if it's "one-of-those-days" grin and bear is all I can do. Another drawback is that the software must be kept running even when not needed, it doesn't 'fix' the Tray icon positions once and for all, so, on startup/reboot, everyone in the notification area is in kayos again. I've tried several similar progs, they too need to be forever running behind the scenes to "maintain order". But, for those of you who love a lil bit of a hassle, try it could do worse. Price: Free
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DS Clock DS Clock

Great lil clock!! 5 stars
This software, v2.2, is pure delight to me and although the paid version has lots more stuff included, this little fellow does better than well since I began using it some 4yrs ago, and, it has never ever given me any headaches, plus it's OS resources are almost ZERO. Check it out people, you'll be glad you did! Price: Free
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Desk Drive Desk Drive

PC got too sluggish 2 stars
This is a program I looked forward to using, but sadly, it was just too 'heavy' on my R31 ThinkPad, XP Pro, Pent3, SP2, .NET 2.0. Pc got too sluggish and each time I tried to use the Tray icon's Menu, the Program crashed! I'm thinking of downloading v1.7 but I noticed its KBs are even larger :( O Well.. there must be another drive detector out there just waiting for me to give it a happy home :) Price: Free
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