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Firefox Browser Firefox Browser

Bookmark manager too difficult to use 1 stars
Having used Firefox 1.07 through 1.5, I recommended Firefox to everyone. Now that I tried 3.04 (2000 SP4), I no longer recommend Firefox, because I don't have a clue how to use the Bookmark Manager! In versions 1.07 through 1.5, I learned everything I need to know about Bookmark Manager in 30-40 seconds. After using version 3.04 for about a month, I have no clue how to perform basic tasks in Bookmark Manager. I Bookmarked a site, but cannot find it under Bookmark Manager. I created a folder, but when I click on 'Bookmark This Page,' I cannot put it in the Folder I created! I have no clue how to 'Move' a bookmark to somewhere else, such as another Folder. I looked in the Help File (which should NEVER be needed for tasks this basic), and there is NOTHING. Bottom Line: IE6 is 1,000,000 times better then Firefox 3.04, because there is no longer a reasonably easy way to control or work with Bookmarks. I would still recommend Firefox 1.5, but not version 3.04. Price: Free
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Opera Opera

What are they thinking? 1 stars
This applies to version 9.6. 1) Opera imports all bookmarks from Firefox, WITHOUT ASKING FIRST! That is exactly what I did NOT want. There is no excuse for that. If I want to import bookmarks, I can do that (in any other browser) in 30-60 seconds! 2) OK, I really want to use Opera, so I will just manually delete the Bookmarks, so I can have a clean start. WRONG! I can only delete the bookmarks that are in folders. There is no way (I could find) to delete bookmarks that are not in a folder. In fact, in "Manage Bookmarks" the bookmarks that are not in folders do not even appear, so I cannot delete them, put them in a folder, or do anything with them. 3) There is no excuse for making me go to the Help files, to do something this basic. However, I'm giving Opera every chance possible. NOTHING in the help files about deleting bookmarks. 4) That is as far as I got, I never did any web surfing with Opera. 5) Opera is not intuitive, I'm removing Opera. Price: Free
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