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Redfield Water Ripples Plug-in Redfield Water Ripples Plug-in

Can't go wrong with it! 5 stars
I have used these plugins for the past couple of years and have created literally thousands of desktop wallpapers, which I post to an image hosting website. I've had many folks message me and ask me what image editor I use and what plugins and filters I use. It's as simple as taking a photo, opening it with an editor (Irfanview, for example), adding the plugins and making the magic happen. Price: Free
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IrfanView IrfanView

Irfanview user since 1996 5 stars
Best little graphic editorial program out there! I was introduced to Irfanview in 1996. Tried other picture viewers/graphic editors along the way, but always came back to Irfanview. The interface can be a little intimidating to a newbie, but load a picture and play around with it. You'll get the hang of it and will definitely wanna keep it. Did I mention it's free? There's lots of features and endless possibilities. I have tons of compatible filters/plugins installed (converted to 8bf format using plugin commander) and the sky's the limit on what you can do with one picture, not to mention the effects already built into Irfanview itself. I might also note that I have sent the author several questions over the years and he has answered each and every one of them in a short time. Also, Irfanview does not contain sypware/adware. A definite must-have for me. Stopped using other programs. They just don't do what this one does. Price: Free
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Matrix Screen Locker Matrix Screen Locker

Does the job! 5 stars
Was looking for a simple program to keep my 4yr. old from moving my desktop icons around, clicking on things she knows nothing about, and moving stuff; not to mention the things she sent to the recycle bin. She knows too much for her own good, apparently. I am happy to say she won't know how to work her way around this little surprise. Not until she learns how to spell, anyway. My one fault with the program is it does not include a simple read-me file to tell you how to set it up and get it going, which is: 1) download 2)run setup 3)install and choose "launch" 4)R-click on the "X" on the taskbar and choose "set password" 5)R-click "X" and choose "Lock Workstation Now". There. It's done. To "undo" it, simply L-click anywhere on your desktop and type in your password. Ta-Da! So simple to use, and Ctr+Alt+Del won't let you bypass the lock. Excellent little program. Price: Free
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