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WOT for Internet Explorer WOT for Internet Explorer

Excellent tool for your online kit 5 stars
WOT calls this software a "browser add-on". I call it a "toolbar". SnapFiles says it offers a "third-party" toolbar, which suggests stuff like the Ask, Bing, Google, and Yahoo toolbars that many of us don't like; but the offered toolbar is itself - second party, not third. Some people complain that WOT's ratings aren't what they expected; for example they don't match McAfee SiteAdvisor. The difference is that WOT's main focus is trust, which includes security issues like malware, while the main focus of other security tools is, well, security. Many scam sites have no malware, so SA doesn't detect them whereas WOT does. If you're looking for a great radar for trouble ahead while you surf, or if you want to dig a little deeper to see what the WOT community thinks of a site, be sure to use this toolbar. It has a very small footprint, uses minimal resources, has a colorblind setting, and has options to control the types of warnings or optional blocking. It also marks the links in the results pages of major search engines, so you can see way ahead before you ever click a link. Personally I use both WOT and SA, as well as other online tools to check out sites. Careful checking may seem like a pain-in-the-butt, but it sure beats getting scammed, infected, or having my personal information turn up in never-land. Unlike some other stuff I use, the WOT toolbar is always on. Don't leave "home" without it. Price: Free
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MapleXP Express MapleXP Express

Serves its purpose! 5 stars
Current version 1.4.6 is a great timekeeper for frequent task switching - very light on resources, stable, reliable, quick recording response, time summations for grouped tasks, excellent documentation. With meticulous use, MapleXp easily provides the numbers for charging your customers accurately, and for a tax break for business use of your computing equipment. If you need to shutdown software or the computer for maintenance tasks, you can leave the database open so your maintenance time is captured. I'd like to see minor improvements in reporting and decision-making for a full "Excellent" rating; but I'm very picky about what goes on my machine, so if I'm using it, it's very good stuff. Many thanks to the author. Price: Free
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