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OpenOffice OpenOffice

Flaws noted here. 4 stars
OpenOffice is fantastic! Yet, a few weaknesses do exist. OpenOffice and Microsoft Office are somewhat incompatible. This may be an issue if you must use MS Office for work or school. As a math student, I use OpenOffice exclusively for my notebooks. The OO and MS formula editors are not compatible at all. The OpenOffice formula editor is a struggle to master, while the MS formula editor is -far- more intuitive, flexible, and produces a nicer final document. Why do I use OpenOffice? Price. You can't beat free. (Besides, who likes "Big Brother" Microsoft?) While I've had fewer lockups with OpenOffice, they do happen; usually when trying something weird, such as pasting a frame into a frame or undoing a frame across a page break. (Ninety percent of the time things go off without a hitch.) The lesson is, be it MS or OO, save your work frequently. Verdict: OpenOffice is an outstanding package. Just know that MS and OpenOffice do not play well together. Price: Free
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