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OpenOffice OpenOffice

Speechless 5 stars
When you see almost perfection, for free, what can you say? I really recommend this bundle to all private users, really! As a former professional, I can recommend it! It's not for all newbies, but for those who were slaved to MS office, please take the jump, you won't be disappointed! Congratulations for you all who wrote this masterpiece. Price: Free
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InsideCAT Lite Edition InsideCAT Lite Edition

Nice stuff, but eating a lot of cpu 2 stars
I tried this for some folders. Music ones to be precise. I don't know why, but sometimes it runs well, and sometimes, it's awfully slow, in fact, taking hours to complete a 2000 folder entries. So far, I didn't detect what causes that slow down. Only one thing is sure, it eats a whole processor all the time. So, good for the information it gives, but really bad in terms of efficiency. Sorry guys, but this thing sucks ! Price: Free
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The software developer responded to this review on Aug 02, 2012: The problem about eating all CPU is true, but only when creating new catalogs or searching (these are heavy tasks). Also, this will be a problem only on single CPU core machines (on multi-core machines InsideCAT will "eat" only one core). No problem for multi-core computers. About "long-time" catalog creating, this usually means unreadable (or partially unreadable) files. Check disk integrity if this happens (InsideCAT 5 calculates CRC32 checksum for all files, if InsideCAT assigns a zero CRC32, 00000000, the file is not fully readable).

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