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MWSnap MWSnap

Great program except for one bug 5 stars
All of the few negative comments are fixable if you learn how to configure the program. I have only ONE bone to pick! When you have a dollar amount in the filename (which I often do, for my banking & receipt clips), the decimal and everything after it is dropped. I believe there are a few other special characters that, if used, cause the special character and everything that follow it to be dropped, but the decimal bothered me so much that I switched programs. The new program also has a similar problem with the decimal, but if I type an end decimal, followed by the files extension (i.e. filename 25.10.doc) then everything is kept fine. I didn't think of this in time to try it with MWSnap. The app I'm using now doesn't remember the last filename to show in the naming box and MWSnap does. I miss that with my new program. I may go back to MSSnap and try the .ext trick with it. That is it's ONLY problem. Well, a "Browse" button beside the filename would be nice, just in case OCCASIONALLY you'd like to save the file in a different folder. There is one other thing I like better about the new program: the crosshatch extends top to bottom and edge to edge, so you can see in advance exactly what will be included in the clip. Still, MWSnap's remembering the last filename for me (in case I want to name it the same with a (2) on it, etc.) beats the crosshatch. If MWSnap would extend the crosshatch , fix the decimal, and add a Browse button, it would be pretty much PERFECT! Price: Free
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