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PDF-XChange Viewer PDF-XChange Viewer

Whats not to like? 5 stars
This is THE best PDF program I have come across. It takes just a few looks around to figure out what you want to do. After that, the program practically runs itself. Seriously, this is better than Foxit, and we all know Adobe Reader sucks. Highly recommended! Price: Free
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Stardock Fences Stardock Fences

Whats not to like, its great! 5 5 stars
This little program (free) is a fantastic desktop organizer. It allows me to FINALLY put an end to chasing revolving icons on the desktop. I know where each one is now. Not only does it corral them and keep them in one spot, it keeps them on one display, so this is also great for multiple display users too! Fences is easy to set up, and if you need help, there isn't anything that Stardock hasn't covered in the instructions. Highly recommended! Price: Free Trial ($19.99)
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Exact Audio Copy Exact Audio Copy

Highly recommended, patience needed 5 stars
If you have never backed up your music by anything but WMP or ITunes software, you will need to understand going in, that there are multiple choices, on multiple choices. You should read up a little before going head-first into this program. There is a config wizard, use it. My primary goal was to back up my CD collection, with the best (in my case) option for keeping the originally intended quality. I made a mistake after assuming I had set up FLAC, and had to redo about 20 CD's. This process takes time, but because it is doing the job VERY WELL. In a non-scientific way of explaining the process.. the software actually looks at your CD, and if it is damaged, goes out to a database and finds what is missing on your CD and fixes it from the database. Your CD-Rom plays a major role in all of this. The speed, the firmware and type of CD-Rom has to be 'approved' by the software before you can start any of the above. What happened with me was, I kept putting in CD's (8 of them) and all I would get was a INVALID KEY error. I went to the website and found that every CD-Rom has to be 'calibrated' and all I had to do was keep feeding it CD's until (3) of them were of the right criteria, so the CD-Rom would then be setup correctly. It hasnt burped since. Once I found the 1st CD, the next 2 passed easily.. and I was good-to-go. I recommend this software because it is free, functional, and thorough. Documentation and help is all over the internet... Google if you get stuck. Price: Free
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HFS - HTTP File Server HFS - HTTP File Server

No complaints - no hassles 5 stars
I have experimented with a few free FTP programs, and while you cant argue with FREE, it usually comes with a price...time spent on trying to fix minor issues. One of the things I wanted to accomplish was running a FTP server with minimal use, and on a Linux machine. A co-worker told me about this neat little FREE program that I had up and running in less than an hour (all folders built and permissions set), and thats not like me. I had already reviewed another FTP program here, and while I did like it, there were issues with some people logging in (mostly remote OS issues), so I started looking for an alternative answer. The only downside to HFS is it's security, but thats not the program itself, its the nature of the HTTP beast (they do recommend a program to beef up security through SSH, but I'm using it in Linux via WINE). Price: Free
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Eusing Free Registry Cleaner Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

Been using it for over 3 years 5 stars
I have been using Eusing Free Registry Cleaner for over 3 years now, and have never had 1 issue with this free program. I've recommended it to my brother, and he has never complained once. The program is idiot proof, and if your unsure, you can always back up your registry before making changes (recommended). Price: Free
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ProVide Server ProVide Server

No complaints 5 stars
Straightforward, easy to set up, and it seems to be stopping a lot of bogus attempts to log in. I've been running it on an FTP solo server, with family and friends logging in. The program keeps a running log on IP's, attempts and users quite well. I have found nothing to cripple the program, even though its free! Price: Free
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