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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free

It works where others don't 5 stars
I had a problem crop up out of the blue with random words on a page of text being underlined, forming hyperlinks. When the mouse was hovered over the underlined words, a small advertising box would pop up. Clicking on the boxes redirected the browser to gambling and porn sites and the like. Not nice. Suspecting a malware infection I scanned the computer using a freeware malware detector I had installed. Nothing. I tried Windows Defender - Nothing. I then scanned with my antivirus. It picked up a couple of infected files, sent them to the "chest", and called for a computer restart and boot scan of all the files on the computer. A lengthy process. During the boot scan, several more infected files were detected and again (on prompting) sent to the Ches. I went online and the problem was still there. Reading the recommendations of SnapFiles users I decided to try Malware Bytes Anti Malware. It picked up 74 infected files and recommended they be quarantined. One click carried out the quarantine. A couple of seconds later the computer was clean. No reboot was asked for as with the antivirus, and repeated scans turned up nothing. I'm glad to report that the problem has not returned. The program prompts for an update of definitions when started - easy to do. The interface is clean and easy to understand. Scanning is quicker than the other freeware malware detector I have installed. Quick and thorough, I'm very impressed with this program. Price: Free
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PixBuilder Studio PixBuilder Studio

Small download, big on features 4 stars
If you have used commercial products such as Photoshop Elements or Paintshop Pro, you will be up and running in minutes with PixBuilder Studio. If you haven't used those expensive alternatives, PixBuilder Studio might well convince you to save your money! This is a powerful image-editing program with a host of features. Layers, drawing tools, effects, compatible with Photoshop plug-ins. The Magnetic Lasso (for selecting areas of discrete definition within an image) performs very well. The program runs fast and does not appear to be a heavy drain on memory. PixBuilder Studio installs effortlessly (an option to install a second product from the software makers is offered during installation - easily refused). The interface can get quite cluttered, so it helps to familiarise yourself with switching panels on and off and rearranging their positions. Amazingly the package comes in a tiny download - just over 3MB. Congratulations to WnSoft for packing a powerful punch in a tiny packet. Price: Free
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Radio? Sure! Radio? Sure!

Small but powerful 4 stars
This internet receiver works well. Simple, uncluttered, intuitive. A handy 'Favorites' list. I would like to see the entries in the Favorites list made editable: i.e. user could add their own tags, notes, etc to make it easy to search for them again later. Also it would be useful to be able to 'order' the favorites: i.e., drag your most/top favorite to the top of the list, and drag lesser favorites further down. Presently they just show up on the list in the order in which they were added, with the first-added at the bottom and the most recently-added at the top. Finally, I would like to see the program window expandable width-ways to accommodate a fuller display of information in the 'Stations' list. Despite a few niggles, I'm generally impressed with the program and thank the maker for a useful, elegant and functional software. Oh, the 'X' button in the top-R corner doesn't quit the program, it minimises it to the tray! Price: Free
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Agent Ransack Agent Ransack

Not exciting, but useful indeed. 3 stars
The Agent is useful for finding files on your computer. You can search by filename, using wildcards if you wish. It also searches within files. Say you are looking for a particular phrase or string of text within a document but can't remember the name of the file. Agent Ransack comes to the rescue! The interface is a bit dated and clunky, but still funcitonal. When installed Agent Ransack places a shortcut in the Start - Search menu, along with the default XP search app (the one with the animated doggie that 'sniffs' for files). If I was to suggest improvements, it would be for a more modern, user-friendly interface and a more comprehensive help file. A kind of 'Help File for Dummies' would help! Price: Free
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RISING Antivirus Free Edition RISING Antivirus Free Edition

Looks nice, works well 5 stars
I like this anti-virus. Beautiful interface, program seems to work well as system protection. Updates definitions daily, quickly. Easy enough to use, and is packed with security features. When changing some settings within Rising, user is asked to enter an alphanumeric code displayed on the screen. This verification process prevents malicious software changing Rising's settings. A+ for that! It monitors the system constantly for possible security breaches, though if the security levels are set to "high" there are many false alarms. Best to maybe lower the settings a little if you don't want to have to interact with Rising every few minutes. Thanks to the developers for a very nice product. Price: Free
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EMCO Malware Destroyer EMCO Malware Destroyer

More work needed 3 stars
Thanks to EMCO for adding their product to the arsenal against malware. I found it scans the registry quickly, less so the file system. The interface seems clunky and confusing, with windows opening on windows. More work here would give the product a more professional appearance. There are some cryptic options, for example under 'Tools', there is a menu option: 'Total Removal Info in Database'. Presumably that refers to the definition database? Not sure why one would wish to "totally remove" that info, unless it was, say, corrupted? This is not an option I have seen on any similar program, and not sure what its purpose would be. The scanning progress notifier needs more work to show just what it is scanning at any given time. Needs a notifier to indicate when it has finished scanning also. Price: Free
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