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CCleaner CCleaner

Everyone needs this! 5 stars
This freeware is amazing and MUST have in every computer. I mean everyone from a children to an adult who doesn't know so much about computer knew this software. It has interesting interface, very good feature but most of all easy to use and understand. If you think you need to BUY a privacy tools , you're totally wrong! If you used it on a computer that never using any cleanup tools before, you might surprised someone and they love it after that ( and keep continue using this freeware) after CCleaner cleanup 500Mb to 2Gb of 'garbage' in their computer! I always did that to my customer! This freeware almost perfect to clean-up any type of junk files in a computer and updated regularly. Thanks to piriform for this great software! Price: Free
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Revo Uninstaller Revo Uninstaller

The best freeware all time! 5 stars
Marvelous freeware! MUST have to everyone who try any software a lot! Thanks to VS Revo Group and I hope it still freeware forever! Price: Free
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EULAlyzer EULAlyzer

Unique but great software! 4 stars
This software is very different from the others. It just focus on the most important thing that many people just ignored and skipped it, which is to read boring EULA text. Excellent job Javacool and thanks! Please continue doing special and unique software in future! Highly recommended to others to have it, if you love to try software a lot with your PC! Price: Free
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PerfectDisk Pro PerfectDisk Pro

The best disk defrag software ever! 5 stars
I used PerfectDisk 8 to the final build nearly 2 years and never have any problem to my PC. It make my hard disk working so much better than before I used this software! It fast, smooth, not resource hog (if u have more than 1GB RAM), nice interface, and so easy to use. No other defrag disk software can beat this one in term of price and features. One of the best is boot time pagefile defrag and screensaver disk defrag. The new version of PD 2008 has coming out but I'm not really sure I want to buy it yet, because this version 8 still work perfectly to me. I think I just wait until the latest version's build have no bug at all. If you are PC maniac, buy it and you'll love it! Price: Free Trial ($29.99)
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Sketchup Sketchup

Excellent free program! 5 stars
I love this program! I used it a lot as an Interior Designer with its just above moderate 3D features. I'm fed up with few others paid design software that have expired license and keep nagging to upgrade to latest version only after paid certain amount. This one from Google keep updated regularly and its totally free! Hope more a fantastic free 3D software like this in future. Price: Free
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FlashGet FlashGet

Excellent! amazing! but.. 5 stars
One of the best download manager, if not the best. Its from China, free and torrent support are faster than other BitTorrent client (even the most popular and small memory footprint one). Firefox user will get most benefit from using it together with Flashgot add-on because they so match to each other. The only thing that I dislike, it seem to make silent or unattended outbound connection back to home (China's IP) if you keep it open after you finish download something. Maybe it send out our download data for analysis or what-we-have -download-kind-of-report. I hope any expertise will find out what this is about and clarify this thing so we not continue to keep guessing what happen. Other than that HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! download manager. Price: Free
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