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WinPatrol (Free Edition) WinPatrol (Free Edition)

All PCs should have this installed 5 stars
What a brilliant program! Hardly uses any resources but will alert you everytime something wants to make changes in the registry. Pop up alerts only happen infrequently so if a WinPatrol alert does pop up it actually means something, unlike firewall pop ups which often alert you to perfectly safe processes, only you have to troll the internet to find out whether to allow or deny it! If you haven't just downloaded a new program and you get a change to registry alert, there is a fair chance it could be detecting malware activity. WinPatrol notified me of Trojan downloader trying to execute and allowed me to block the activity whilst I used Adware to get rid of the offending item. If you've got this little gem of a program installed you don't really need a "real time" Antispyware shield which may well slow your program down and infact some paid for antispyware shields only do what WinPatrol does for free! Highly recommended, every home should have it! Price: Free
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Avast Free Antivirus Avast Free Antivirus

Tacky interface, blocked Operamail! 2 stars
I'm not as impressed with Avast as others obviously are. The first major problem for me was that it blocked my OperaMail from receiving e-mail. I only noticed a few days after I installed Avast, that I hadn't recieved any e-mail for days. There was also no notification from Avast that it had blocked anything. After much head scratching I decided to unistall Avast, no sooner had I done that then my e-mail came flooding in! I've used Opera's ultra reliable integrated e-mail for over 5 years, and no other program has ever blocked my e-mail before. I can't use it and can't really recommend it to others that use OperaMail. I also hate the interface, it's so tacky and looks like it's been designed by a teenager trying to look cool and hip, but the result ends up looking more like a car stereo than a professional antivirus application. AVG is my choice any day over Avast. Price: Free
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