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KeyWallet KeyWallet

So close to perfection 4 stars
Given the features it has you couldn't find a simpler program. It encrypts the password file, it stores associated urls, it has a nice drag and drop functionality and it has a decent password generator. The minimalist design is a real plus for me too. Most password managers use way too much screen space. I would give this program a perfect score if it sorted automatically (I'm not kidding, you sort it yourself) and you could create folders/groups for passwords (one long list gets annoying). Those missing features are starting to wear me down and there's no update in sight. I'm still looking out for a replacement but nothing has come close yet. Price: Free
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nPassword nPassword

Room for improvement 2 stars
This program has the basic features you'd expect. It has a pretty nice password generator and macro editor. The "pop-up" screen for entry was also a nice but badly implemented feature. The screen would sometimes pop up and disappear before I could use it. The saving was confusing too. When I started out I overwrote my password file because two instances were running and I didn't know what was saved and what wasn't. The dragging and dropping wasn't easy either. I was very unsure where to begin the initial dragging. Over time I could get used to these things but I hate the open password and username fields. I accidentally cleared a password while I was browsing. There's no special editing mode and no way to lock the fields. Using a program like that is very risky! Price: Free
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