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Internet Download Accelerator Free Internet Download Accelerator Free

No support 2 stars
I find everything bout this program as being excellent. Though the UI is fair, and kinda prehistoric. However upon registering this program, I have yet to hear from the programmers, bout my registeration. I figured I would e-mail them, in hopes to get them to send me my reg code. That to has failed. If they had better support, they would have gotten a 4 star, or even possibilly a 5 star. How ever I see no improvements in downloads. I still average 30 kbps per download. So folks, if your looking for a downloader, look elsewhere, these people are not very reliable. I may never get my reg code. Price: Free
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WinZip WinZip

Second in line 5 stars
I have used this program in the past, and I fully support it for future releases. WinZip, is the number 2 decompression program, next to PKzip for Windows. This program is so easy to use, a baby caveman can use it. Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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CyberLat RAM Cleaner CyberLat RAM Cleaner

A promise 5 stars
This program, though light weight. Does exactly what it says. Nice little program that works with windows, to optimize what windows doesn't. Let's say you load up 50 million programs. Well windows won't recognize the memory that was freed up after some of them closed, freeing up the memory. This will bog your PC down a lot, and force windows to write to it's swap file. Less of this will speed up your computer. For example: before i got this program, my CPU load was over 80% mem load was under 25%, and the HDD load was constant. After I installed it, and used it. CPU load 10% or below, mem load 40%, HDD load is now quiet, and writes once or twice every 15 minutes. Overall load time is improved by 75%. Price: Free Trial ($9.99)
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mst Defrag (Home Edition) mst Defrag (Home Edition)

Soso 3 stars
This defragmenter is an alright program. Not as fast as ..., but still satisfactory. Price: Free Trial ($15.90)
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Diskeeper Pro Diskeeper Pro

Quickest defragmenter 5 stars
This program, is not only good at what it does, but it is also quick. It defragged my 160 GB HDD in 30 seconds. Hell lot faster then Windows sorry defragger. Diskeeper, will also do defragging on a schedule, or when user specifies. This is a sweet program. Price: Free Trial ($59.95)
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WinPatrol (Free Edition) WinPatrol (Free Edition)

The best startup manager/process terminator 5 stars
Yep you read right. I would support this program, and recommend it to any one, who is looking for a startup manager. This program has so many features, it's Great, no wait es ist Prima. You need not a process terminator, a service manager, nor a startup manager. This program has that and more. This program is so good, I supported their works, and registered. The registered version has online support, where the free version is limited. I am proud to recommend, and use this program. You will not find a better program then this. WINPATROL is the best. Price: Free
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Advanced Launcher Advanced Launcher

Not bad 2 stars
Nice little program, however windows can perform this task. True it does harness some features, that windows doesn't allow you to do with out a run around. If your looking for an application launcher, the stick to freeware. The web is loaded with thousands of them. If I maybe so bold to recommend Vista Startmenu. Does what this does, then some, all in a start menu, and it uses less resources. Price: Free
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System Cleaner System Cleaner

On my recommended list 5 stars
This is another program that is on my recommended list. The UI could use some improvement, but the UI isn't important, unless it is used for preview purposes. This program is a good program to use. Does what it says, however be careful when you use the registry cleaner. Cleaning ones registry can cripple your computer. Keep up the good work. Price: Free Trial ($49.95)
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CleanCenter CleanCenter

Recommended 4 stars
This program, I have used in the past. It is a very easy program to use. Though you can find freeware, that'll do what this does. Please support those that are shareware. If you do, I hope you support this program. Don't take my word for it, just try it, I think you'll like it. Price: Free Trial ($19.95)
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Ashampoo UnInstaller Ashampoo UnInstaller

Great 4 stars
Now this one I use quite a bit. Still to many features. Price isn't bad. UI is decent. Not for the beginner. It's a bit cumbersome. Price: Free Trial ($40.00)
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Magic Utilities Magic Utilities

Nice 3 stars
This program doesn't impress me much. This program holds true to what it says, but it is too slow, though quicker then Windows add/remove programs. If you want quick load time, then get a better uninstaller. Waist of resources, don't need all these apps to perform a simple task. Price: Free Trial ($39.95)
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Vista Start Menu Vista Start Menu

Excellent replacement program 5 stars
This program, is very easy to use, and highly recommended. The pro version blows the free version out of the water. If you read the review before mine. It'll make you laugh. Ok, it uses an old UI. The registered version has more skins. It has replace 2 useful programs on my computer. I highly recommend you register your version. Price: Free
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Favorite Shortcuts Favorite Shortcuts

I like it 4 stars
This program, takes your favorite programs, and stores it in the context menu. Though it is limited to the amount of programs you can have in the list. Still it's a very good program. It also stores your quick launch into the context menu. I would recommend this to any one. Price: Free Trial ($14.95)
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UltraExplorer UltraExplorer

Hmmmmm 3 stars
2xplorer is better. Even the free version isn't to bad. Yep that's right I use 2xplorer Pro. I don't care much for the way this handles files, and don't care much for the UI. Like they say, you get what you pay for. Price: Free
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FreeCommander XE FreeCommander XE

Great 4 stars
The Nerve of some people. Give them something for nothing, and they expect everything. Tightwads.. Well Free Commander, is very much like Norton Commander. Minus a couple features. Aside all that it is very versatile. If your looking for better, then spend 30, or 40 bucks, and get total commander, or WinNC. I use both WinNC, and freeware. WinNC is more complex then this, but that's the difference between free and trial. Want free, then expect basic. Want more then expect to spend money. Price: Free
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myWIFIzone myWIFIzone

Bounced my other computers 2 stars
I was considering this. Till I installed it on my Home Network. Bounced my other computers. What it is, is a software version of your routers hardware firewall. Except it is on your computer, and monitors every IP that wants to connect. Via wireless or Ethernet. Would of rated it higher, if it worked with my home network. Price: Free
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Comodo Internet Security Comodo Internet Security

Best firewall for your money 5 stars
Zonelabs, Webroot, Outpost, and many others. Do not provide you what this one does, and it's free. UI looks very good, features are excellent, so easy a caveman can use it, and free is a very good price. Those of you, who uses Microsofts fire wall, This upgrade is for you. I have heard lots of problems about using Comodo with Avast. Well those are the two key programs I use, and I haven't had an ounce of problems. I'm XP and not Vista. The problems might arise in vista. Price: Free
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PocoMail PocoMail

Pocomail the great? 3 stars
Though I been using Mozilla Thunderbird for years. I find this client needs some work. Though it's a great program, Thunderbird is better. It has a nice interface, though it has a problem while functioning with spam filters. Pocomail is a major pain, when it comes to compressing folders. You will need patience for this one. Price: Free Trial ($34.95)
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WinSock XP Fix WinSock XP Fix

No internet? 5 stars
No Internet? Then you need this program. Short of having to put up with all the headaches of having to reinstall MSnetworking. This program could save you the hassle. My winsock has been hosed so many times, and each time I had this handy. Just run it, close it, and reboot. Once your computer restarts, you have internet connection. Who knows this may be just the tool for you. Price: Free
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BlogBridge BlogBridge

Does it handle everything? 4 stars
Even though finding an RSS reader to handle all the different types of feeds out there. This is a good pick for reading most of them. Not one reader isn't gonna read everything. This reader is the best I have found yet. I went to a new reader, every time I found a new feed. Well this program does handle a majority of the RSS feeds. Though it could use some improvement, its still not the best. Even the best can't handle everything. Be nice if it had a built in browser. Still even with out it, it's still good and highly recommended. Price: Free
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SpamWasher SpamWasher

Excellent program. 5 stars
Excellent program. Used it in the past. Works Great. Does spam, and then some. Won't block friends, unless they know the trigger words. Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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Spamihilator Spamihilator

Is this good? 5 stars
This program is the best little filter I have ran across. Though I have tried many, kept coming back to this. I wouldn't recommend any other. If you set your filters to your friends list, you'll have no problems. However, If you receive some spam, then use the learning feature. This'll block 99.8% spam, and let me tell you. There is no other anti-spam that'll do what this little devil does. Price: Free
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jetAudio Basic jetAudio Basic

WMP replacement 5 stars
JetAudio, is a player, that'll play more audio files, then the competition. I have even gone as far as registering it, which helps with this version. This program, does 10 different things with audio/video files. Only problem is that the free version only works with 30 seconds of a file. Still the media player, is unlimited. Has over 50 different skins, with 3 different UI's. Highly recommended. Price: Free
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Opera Opera

Almighty opera 5 stars
This browser, has many features built in to it. That IE has to use BHOs. That eats up system resources. Opera, is faster then IE, doesn't use any BHOs, Great support, on Operairc, highly configurable UI, to look like IE 6, or 7. This browser is Highly recommended. I'll recommend it before I would IE. Price: Free
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WinNc WinNc

Nice NC clone, with networkable features 4 stars
This program, is very easy to use, and isn't cumbersome. This is a highly recommended file manager. The nice feature bout this, is it's use of working over a network. Great program, for the use of many users, who like Norton Commander, and it's easy of use with networks. Price: Free Trial ($32.37)
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Magellan Explorer Magellan Explorer

Norton commander clone 3 stars
While this file manager is a recommended file manager. This file manager lacks a lot, and is very cumbersome to configure. It's sorting feature is a major example. Though I haven't used it, since 98. This is the same version, that I had. When I first got it, I thought it was an excellent program, well sorry guys, you lost a vote. Price: Free Trial ($39.95)
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